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Excellence Of Play

Excellence Of Play - Moyles, Janet - ISBN: 9780335264186
Prijs: € 36,80
Levertijd: 3 tot 4 werkdagen
Bindwijze: Boek
Genre: Onderwijsvormen en schooltypen
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Play as a powerful learning and teaching experience remainskey to effective early childhood education. Retaining its popular approach and style, this new edition reflects the contemporary context of early childhood education and care as well emerging research on young children's development.

The emphasis remains firmly on demonstrating the excellenceof play and its contribution to children's overall learning and development in the early years, and the role of adults in promoting inspirational playful pedagogies.It offers new coverage on topics such as brain development, gender, babies’ play, cultural diversity and inclusion, children as researchers, new technologies, outdoor play and international dimensions.

Key features include:

  • A chapter overview giving a brief outline of aims and purpose
  • Lively and meaningful cameos to help bring the themes andissues to life
  • Content drawing on the cameos to help link research, theory and practice
  • Reflective questions to raise awareness of, and reflection on, the issues raised
  • Useful websites and further reading

    This is a must-read book for all students studying early childhood at a range of levels and practitioners who are looking to deepen their understanding of play and playful practices.

  • Details

    Titel: Excellence Of Play
    auteur: Moyles, Janet
    Mediatype: Boek
    Taal: Engels
    Druk: 4
    Aantal pagina's: 344
    Uitgever: Open University Press
    NUR: Onderwijsvormen en schooltypen
    Afmetingen: 241 x 171 x 17
    Gewicht: 602 gr
    ISBN/ISBN13: 9780335264186
    Intern nummer: 27505105

    Biografie (woord)

    Janet Moyles is Professor Emerita at Anglia Ruskin University. She is a qualified nursery/early years teacher and has held a variety of roles including headteacher, lecturer and researcher.

    List of contributors: Dr. Angela Anning University of Leeds

    Karen Barr Sheffield Hallam University

    Marisol Basilio University of Cambridge

    Helen Bradford University of Cambridge

    Dr. Pat Broadhead Leeds Metropolitan University

    Dr. Chris Brown Institute of Education, London

    Professor Tina Bruce University of Roehampton

    Penny Borkett Sheffield Hallam University

    Liz Chesworth Leeds Metropolitan University

    Dr. Aline-Wendy Dunlop University of Strathclyde

    Dr. Peter Elfer University of Roehampton

    Dr. Hilary Fabian Teacher

    Dr. Jan Georgeson Plymouth University

    Dr. Kathy Goouch Canterbury Christ Church University

    Dr. Justine Howard Swansea University

    Helen Jameson Teacher

    Dr. Peter King Swansea University

    Neil Kitson Warwick University

    Val Melnyczuk Open University

    Dr. Jane Murray University of Northampton

    Dr. Celia O'Donovan Lecturer, researcher, trainer and inspector

    Dr. Jayne Osgood London Metropolitan University

    Rod Parker-Rees Plymouth University

    Dr. Jayne Payler University of Winchester

    Dr. Sally Peters University of Waikato

    Linda Pound Early years consultant, trainer and writer

    Dr. Kathy Ring York St. John University and independent consultant

    Dr. Sue Rogers Institute of Education, London

    Dr. Helen Tovey University of Roehampton

    Lynne Truelove Sheffield Hallam University

    Dr. David Whitebread University of Cambridge

    Dr. Elizabeth Wood University of Sheffield

    Maulfry Worthington VU University, Amsterdam

    Dr. Nicola Yelland Victoria University, Melbourne


    PART ONE: Play is fundamental
    1. Play and the legislated curriculum by Angela Anning
    2. Starting with play: taking play seriously by Janet Moyles
    3. Brain development and play by Celia O'Donovan and Val Melnyczuk
    4. Play with children from diverse cultures by Karen Barr and Penny Borkett
    5. Reconfiguring play: material feminist possibilities to reimagine gender in early childhood by Jayne Osgood

    PART 2: Play is learning
    6. Babies as musicians, artists and scientists by Peter Elfer
    7. Hunting and gathering: two distinct forms of learning from play by Rod Parker-Rees
    8. Play beyond the Foundation Stage: play, self-regulation and narrative skills by David Whitebread, Helen Jameson and Marisol Basilio
    9. Friendship, culture and playful learning in early childhood education by Pat Broadhead and Liz Chesworth
    10. Young Children as Researchers in Play by Jane Murray

    Part 3: Playful pedagogies
    11. Re-establishing early years practitioners as play professionals by Justine Howard and Pete King
    12. Permission to Play by Kathy Goouch
    13. Developing play pedagogy through critically reflective practice Sue Rogers and Chris Brown
    14. Work or play: How children learn to read the signals about activity type in today's early years provision by Jan Georgeson and Jane Payler
    15. Personalising Transitions: How play can help 'newly-arrived children' settle into school by Hilary Fabian and Aline-Wendy Dunlop

    Part 4: Playful curricula
    16. Creative representation: Young children developing flexibility of thinking as they engage playfully with media and materials by Kathy Ring
    17. In tune with play by Linda Pound
    18. Adventurous Play Outdoors by Helen Tovey
    19. Playful explorations and new technologies by Nicola Yelland
    20. Mathematics and the ecology of pretend play by Maulfry Worthington
    21. Play, Literacy and Language Learning by Helen Bradford
    22. Children's fantasy role play – why adults should join in by Neil Kitson

    Part 5: Play is universal
    23. Play and the achievement of potential by Karen Barr and Lynne Truelove
    24. International dimensions of play and transitions by Sally Peters

    Endpiece: by Tina Bruce


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