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Language Arts

Patterns of Practice

Language Arts - Tompkins, Gail E. - ISBN: 9780134059808
Prijs: € 116,65
Levertijd: 3 tot 5 werkdagen
Bindwijze: Boek, Paperback (11-03-2015)
Genre: Onderwijs
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A best-selling, exceptionally applied look at how to teach elementary language arts effectively in every classroom, for all students.


This text sets the bar for K-8 language arts methods texts, not only for its coverage of the six language arts—listening, talking, reading, writing, viewing, and visually representing—but also for its presentation of the instructional approaches (patterns of practice) teachers use to integrate the teaching of language arts within literacy instruction. Author Gail Tompkins, well known her accessible and practical presentation of information, includes complete descriptions about and strategies for teaching reading and writing workshop, literature focus units, literature circles, and thematic units. The book features chapter-opening vignettes that showcase classroom teaching, mini-lessons that demonstrate how to teach language arts concepts, and step-by-step details on a variety of instructional procedures, all presented in an easy-to-follow manner that shows how the concepts apply to the classroom. New to this edition is the pervasive and specific alignment of Common Core Standards for English Language Arts to classroom practice, including classroom examples and features that identify how the standards can be met using specific methods. Also new to eText users are videos of classroom teaching and self-assessment features that allow interactive learning and reinforcement.


Invigorate learning with the Enhanced Pearson eText
The Enhanced Pearson eText provides a rich, interactive learning environment designed to improve student mastery of content with the following multimedia features:

  • Embedded videos illustrate key concepts and strategies—with explanations by field leaders.
  • Check Your Understanding of chapter content. Exercises matched to chapter learning outcomes help readers apply the concepts and ensure that they master the learning outcomes. Exercises and suggested feedback are provided in the Pearson eText.
  • End of Chapter Assessments. Evaluate and Reflect: Assess Your Learning, embedded assessments with feedback, help students review new terms and concepts and encourage reflection and discussion on the issues of the chapter. These are presented within the Pearson eText as interactive quizzes.
  • The step-by-step instructional procedures have real meaning through specific examples of classroom teachers implementing a procedure and its alignment to the Common Core Standards.


Titel: Language Arts
auteur: Tompkins, Gail E.
Mediatype: Boek
Bindwijze: Paperback
Taal: Engels
Druk: 1
Aantal pagina's: 393
Uitgever: Pearson College Div
Publicatiedatum: 11-03-2015
NUR: Onderwijs
Afmetingen: 279 x 228 x 12
Gewicht: 793 gr
ISBN/ISBN13: 9780134059808
Intern nummer: 28072205

Biografie (woord)

Gail E. Tompkins is Professor Emerita at California State University, Fresno. Currently, she works with teachers in their kindergarten through eighth-grade classrooms and leads staff-development programs on reading and writing. Dr. Tompkins, degreed with a language arts focus, was inducted into the California Reading Association’s Reading Hall of Fame in recognition of her accomplishments in the field of reading. She received the prestigious Provost’s award for Excellence in Teaching at California State University, Fresno. Dr. Tompkins is the author of six other books published by Pearson Education: Teaching Writing: Balancing Process and Product, 50 Literacy Strategies (a balance of language arts and literacy strategies), and Literacy in the 21st Century: A Balanced Approach including two grade-specific versions of this text: Literacy in the Early Grades: A Successful Start for PreK-4 Readers and Writers and Literacy in the Middle Grades: Teaching Reading and Writing to Fourth Through Eighth Graders. During the past three decades, Dr. Tompkins has also worked with kindergarten through college-level writing teachers at National Writing Project sites in California and Oklahoma.


Part 1 New Expectations: Today’s Language Arts Classroom

1 Learning and the Language Arts

2 Teaching and Assessing Language Arts

3 Emergent Literacy


Part 2 The Big Six: Listening, Talking, Reading, Writing, Viewing, And Visually Representing

4 Oral Language: Listening and Talking

5 Written Language: Reading and Writing

6 Visual Language: Viewing and Visually Representing


Part 3 Instructional Practices: Implementing the Standards

7 Building Vocabulary

8 Comprehending and Composing Stories

9 Investigating Nonfiction

10 Exploring Poetry

11 Language Tools: Grammar, Spelling, and Handwriting

12 Putting It All Together


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