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My IMovie

My IMovie - Johnston, Craig James/ Brumbaugh-Duncan, Cheryl - ISBN: 9780789749956
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Bindwijze: Boek, Paperback (25-03-2014)
Genre: Multimedia algemeen
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Step-by-step instructions with callouts to iMovie screenshots that show you exactly what to do.
Help when you run into iMovie problems or limitations.
Tips and Notes to help you get the most from iMovie.

Full-color, step-by-step tasks walk you through everything you want to do with iMovie.
Learn how to:
•    Become familiar with the layout of the new iMovie for Mac interface
•    Organize and manage your iMovie Library, videos, photos, and other digital media
•    Import your videos into iMovie
•    Precisely trim movie clips to show exactly what you want in your movie
•    Correct shaky or blurry video
•    Enhance your audio and create a voiceover
•    Add background music and sound effects
•    Use themes to make your movies look polished
•    Add titles and special effects to your movie
•    Create a high-quality trailer to give your friends a sneak peek at what is to come
•    Share your movies on social media like Facebook, or via email
•    Bonus Chapter: Using iMovie on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
•    Add transitions between clips to move smoothly from one clip to the next
•    Overlay one clip or photo on top of another to combine them into one image


Titel: My IMovie
auteur: Johnston, Craig James/ Brumbaugh-Duncan, Cheryl
Mediatype: Boek
Bindwijze: Paperback
Taal: Engels
Druk: 1
Aantal pagina's: 227
Uitgever: Que Pub
Plaats van publicatie: 01
Publicatiedatum: 25-03-2014
NUR: Multimedia algemeen
Afmetingen: 228 x 158 x 12
Gewicht: 385 gr
ISBN/ISBN13: 9780789749956
Intern nummer: 21354269

Biografie (woord)

Craig James Johnston has been involved with technology since his high school days at Glenwood High in Durban, South Africa, when his school was given some Apple ][ Europluses. From that moment, technology captivated him and he has owned, supported, evangelized, and written about it.

Craig has been involved in designing and supporting large-scale enterprise networks with integrated email and directory services since 1989. He has held many different IT-related positions in his career ranging from sales support engineer to mobile architect for a 40,000-smartphone infrastructure at a large bank.

In addition to designing and supporting mobile computing environments, Craig cohosts the podcast as well as guest hosting on other podcasts, including iPhone and iPad Live podcasts. You can see Craig’s previously published work in his book Professional BlackBerry, and many books in the My series, including books covering BlackBerry, Palm, Nexus, HTC, DROID, and Samsung devices.

Craig also enjoys high-horsepower, high-speed vehicles and tries very hard to keep to the speed limit while driving them. Originally from Durban, South Africa, Craig has lived in the United Kingdom, the San Francisco Bay Area, and New Jersey, where he now lives with his wife, Karen, and a couple of cats.

Craig would love to hear from you. Feel free to contact Craig about your experiences with My iMovie at All comments, suggestions, and feedback are welcome, including positive and negative.

Cheryl Brumbaugh-Duncan is committed to education and technology. For more than 15 years Cheryl has run her own company, Virtually Global Communications - VGC, a Web design and development company with a focus in education. Armed with a Master’s degree in Education, as well as being an expert in web design and development, she has been developing cutting-edge websites and mobile Internet applications, and teaching individuals and companies about computers, technology, and web design and development.

Combining web technologies and education strategies, Cheryl has developed and authored books, instructor-led training curriculum, and online education courses for clientele that include QWEST, Que, Alpha Publishing, New Riders Publishing, ADIC, Dell, Virtual Training Company–VTC, and Sun Microsystems.

Cheryl has been an avid Apple Computer enthusiast for years, ever since Apple captured the education market back in the 1980s. From that time until today, she has used Apple products for her work and personal use. She has authored and taught training classes on Apple products and has used the Apple iLife suite of software since it was introduced—this includes the iMovie software product.

Cheryl currently teaches college classes in web development and design. Her commitment to the combination of education, technology, and various delivery methods for communicating information keeps her very busy in this ever-changing world. Please visit her website at to learn more about Cheryl and her company Virtually Global Communications.


Prologue  Getting to Know iMovie General Concepts     3
iMovie Layout     3
   Libraries     4
   Content Library     5
   Movie Timeline     6
   Viewer     7
   Browser     7
   Theater     8
   Toolbar     8
Chapter 1  Customizing iMovie Settings and Preferences     11
Switching the Project and Event Browsers     13
Resizing the Sidebar, Viewer, Event Browser, and Project Browser     14
Hiding the iMovie Sidebar     16
Changing the Display of Project and Event Browser Content     17
   Wrap the Movie Timeline     17
   Adjust a Clip Thumbnail in the Event Browser     18
   Adjust the Clip Thumbnail in the Project Browser     19
Setting iMovie Preferences     20
Setting Movie Properties     21
Chapter 2  Importing and Organizing Video, Events, and Movie Clips     29
iMovie v10 Default Setup     30
   Update Events and Projects from Older Versions of iMovie     31
   Update Events and Projects from an External Drive or Mobile Device     33
Importing Movies from a Camera, Memory Card, and iMovie for iOS     35
   Import New Media Files     37
Importing from Other Libraries     39
   Import from iPhoto or Aperture     39
   Import from Other Media Libraries     42
Working with Events and Movie Clips     47
   Play a Movie Clip     50
   Select Part of a Movie Clip     52
   Use the Skimmer and Playhead     52
   Locate a Movie File     54
Getting Organized     54
   Rename a Library or Event     55
   Create a New Event     55
   Rearrange Events Between Libraries     56
   Merge Events     57
Rating Movie Clips     58
   Search for Tags Applied in Previous Versions of iMovie     60
Chapter 3  Creating a New Movie Project     63
Creating a New Movie Project     63
Adding Clips to Your Movie Project     65
   Rearrange Clips in the Movie Timeline     69
   Replace a Clip in the Movie Timeline     70
Adding Clip Transitions     71
   Switch Transitions     74
   Edit Transition Duration Time     75
   Fade to Transitions     76
Adding Photos to Your Movie     77
   Add a Photo from iPhoto/Aperture     77
   Add a Freeze-Frame Image     79
   Use Multiple iPhoto Libraries     80
   Add Photos from Anywhere     81
   Customize the Ken Burns Effect     83
   Turn Off Automatic Effects     86
Chapter 4  Editing and Correcting Movie Clips     89
Trimming Movie Clips     90
   Use the Clip Trimmer     92
   Use the Precision Editor     94
Correcting a Shaky Movie     99
Correcting Blurry or Distorted Video     101
Splitting Clips     103
   Merge Movie Clips     105
Deleting Movie Clips     106
Rotating a Movie Clip     107
Chapter 5  Adding Special Effects, Maps, Backgrounds, and Titles Clips     109
Speeding Up or Slowing Down a Clip     110
   Adjust Clip Speed     110
   Adjust Clip Playback Speed     112
   Set a Preset Speed     114
   Adjust Audio Pitch     115
   Reverse a Movie     115
   Apply the Rewind Special Effect     117
Creating an Instant Replay of a Clip     118
Adding Backgrounds Using the Green/Blue Screen     120
   Add a Background     121
   Make Green Screen Adjustments    123
Using Picture-in-Picture     124
   Apply the Picture-in-Picture Effect     125
Creating Side by Side Clips     127
   Display Side-by-Side Clips      127
Adding Maps & Backgrounds to a Movie     129
   Add an Interactive Map     129
   Add a Background     131
Adding Titles to a Movie     132
   Add Title Text to Movie Clips     134
   Customize Title Font Properties     136
Adding Credits at the End of Your Movie     138
Chapter 6  Adding and Editing Voiceovers, Music, and Sound Effects     143
Recording a Voiceover     143
Adding Music from iTunes     146
Adding Sound Effects     147
Adding Audio from GarageBand     148
Editing Audio     149
Slowing Down or Speeding Up Audio     150
Chapter 7  Editing Video Color, Brightness, and More     153
Using the Adjust Menu     153
Adjusting Color Balance     154
   Match Color     155
   Adjust White Balance     155
   Adjust Skin Tone     156
Correcting Color     156
Cropping     157
   View the Cropping Menu     157
   Crop     157
   Use the Ken Burns Effect     158
Correcting for Stability and Rolling Shutter     158
Adjusting Volume     159
Using Noise Reduction and Equalizer Settings     161
Using Video and Audio Effects     161
Chapter 8  Adding and Customizing Video Themes     165
Creating a New Project with a Video Theme     166
Adding a Video Theme to an Existing Project     167
   Change the Theme Titles     169
   Add a Location     170
   Change the Transition     170
   Use the Precision Editor     171
Removing a Theme     172
Chapter 9  Creating and Customizing Trailers     175
Creating a Trailer     175
   Customize Your Trailer     177
   Tweak the Clips     179
   Work with the Shot List     180
Sharing Your Trailer     181
Chapter 10  Sharing Your Movies     185
Sharing Your Movie     185
   Share via Email     186
   Share to iTunes     187
   Share to YouTube     188
   Share to Facebook     189
   Share to Vimeo     190
   Share to CNN iReport     191
   Save Your Movie to Your Mac Hard Disk     192
Seeing Where Your Movie Is Shared     192
Chapter  11 Using iMovie on Your iPhone and iPad     195
Creating a New Movie Project     195
The Movie Project Main Screen     197
Adding Video, Photos, and Audio     199
   Add Video     199
   Add Photos     201
   Add Audio     201
Editing Your Project     202
   Add Titles     203
   Speed Up or Slow Down a Clip     204
   Trim a Clip     205
   Zoom In     206
   Duplicate a Clip    206
   Create a Freeze Frame     207
   Split a Clip     208
   Delete a Clip     209
   Change the Clip Volume     209
   Detach the Audio from a Clip     210
   Fade Audio     212
   Switch Audio Between Foreground and Background     213
   Record a Voiceover    213
   Edit a Transition     214
Sharing Your Movie or Trailer     216
Index     219


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