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Change The World City By City - Meynaerts, Erika; Gorissen, Leen - ISBN: 9789401453578
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Change The World City By City

A Change Maker's Guide To Fast Forward Sustainability

Meynaerts, Erika; Gorissen, Leen

(Engels )

Levertijd: 3 tot 4 werkdagen
Prijs: € 38,05
Genre: Stadssociologie
This Book Puts Forward A View On The Conditions That Can Aid Accelerating Change Towards A Sustainable Low-carbon Society, On Possibilities For Policy Change, And On Adaptive Mechanisms That Will Improve Decision Making. Lees verder
We own the city - Tris Kee; Francesca Miazzo - ISBN: 9789078088912
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We own the city

enabling community practice in architecture and urban planning

Tris Kee; Francesca Miazzo

(Engels , Paperback, 03-06-2014)

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Prijs: € 27,50
Genre: Stadssociologie
If the 1800 was the century of the Empires, the 1900 was the one of the Nations, it seems that the 2000 is the century of the Cities. However, this book portraits the time of the Neighborhood, where urban dwellers, formerly only ‘clients’ of urban development, are taking ownership of their urban sur... Lees verder
Kinshasa - Boeck, Filip De - ISBN: 9789058679673
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Tales Of The Invisible City

Boeck, Filip De

(Engels )

Levertijd: 3 tot 4 werkdagen
Prijs: € 45,00
Genre: Stadssociologie
Reading African cities into contemporary theory - reprint of a richly illustrated reference work. In their internationally acclaimed publication 'Kinshasa: Tales of the Invisible City', anthropologist Filip De Boeck and photographer Marie-Françoise Plissart provide a history not only of the physical... Lees verder
Triumph Of The City - Glaeser, Edward - ISBN: 9780330458078
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Triumph Of The City

How Urban Spaces Make Us Human

Glaeser, Edward

(Engels )

Levertijd: 3 tot 4 werkdagen
Prijs: € 14,05
Genre: Stadssociologie
A Compellingly Readable, Critically Acclaimed, Agenda-setting Account Of How And Why Cities Function As They Do And Why So Many Of Us Choose To Live In Them Lees verder