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Dental Anthropology

Fundamentals, Limits And Prospects

Dental Anthropology - Alt, Kurt W. (EDT)/ Rosing, Friedrich W. (EDT)/ Teschler-Nicola, Maria (EDT) - ISBN: 9783709174982
Prijs: € 91,65
Levertijd: 4 tot 6 werkdagen
Bindwijze: Boek
Genre: Sociale en historische antropologie
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Shelley Saunders This Book Offers A Welcome Diversity Of Topics Covering The Broader Subjects Of Teeth And The Study Of Teeth By Anthropologists.


Titel: Dental Anthropology
auteur: Alt, Kurt W. (EDT)/ Rosing, Friedrich W. (EDT)/ Teschler-Nicola, Maria (EDT)
Mediatype: Boek
Taal: Engels
Aantal pagina's: 564
Uitgever: Springer Verlag Gmbh
Plaats van publicatie: AT
NUR: Sociale en historische antropologie
Afmetingen: 244 x 170
Gewicht: 1014 gr
ISBN/ISBN13: 9783709174982
Intern nummer: 25172747


"... an excellent overview of the multidisciplinary nature of dental anthropology including some of the limitations of present approaches, as well as future directions ... a valuable addition to the literature in dental anthropology ... recommended to teachers, researchers and postgraduate students in the field." Anthropological Science "... A new, modern text on this interesting subject. Hundreds of excellent illustrations. Well referenced." Journal of the American Association of Forensic Dentists, 4-6/1999


1 Dental Anthropology - An Introduction.- 2 Teeth in History.- 2.1 Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Weimar, and Dental Anthropology.- 2.2 The History of Dental Anthropology.- 2.3 Roll Call: Thirty-Two White Horses on a Red Field. The Advantages of the FDI Two-Digit System of Designating Teeth.- 2.4 A Recently Discovered Etruscan Dental Bridgework.- 3 Dental Morphology, Structure, and Evolution.- 3.1 Anatomy and Morphology of Human Teeth.- 3.2 Hereditary Dental Anomalies.- 3.3 Micromorphological Features of Human Dental Enamel.- 3.4 The Temporomandibular Joint.- 3.5 The Maxillary Sinus of Extant Catarrhine Primates.- 3.6 Current Aspects of Dental Research in Paleoanthropology.- 4 Dental Pathology and Epidemiology.- 4.1 Caries - Ancient Plague of Humankind.- 4.2 Periodontal Diseases - Etiology, Classification, and Diagnosis.- 4.3 Periapical Lesions - Clinical and Anthropological Aspects.- 4.4 Paleopathological Evidence of Jaw Tumors.- 4.5 Enamel Hypoplasias in Archaeological Skeletal Remains.- 5 Nutrition and Human Behaviour.- 5.1 Diet and Nutrition in Prehistoric Central Europe.- 5.2 "Archives of Childhood" - The Research Potential of Trace Element Analyses of Ancient Human Dental Enamel.- 5.3 Gross Dental Wear and Dental Microwear in Historical Perspective.- 5.4 Artificial Modifications on Human Teeth.- 6 Age and Sex Estimation.- 6.1 Dental Age Estimation of Non-Adults. A Review of Methods and Principles.- 6.2 Dental Age in Adults - A Review of Estimation Methods.- 6.3 Degeneration in Dental Hard Tissues and Pulp.- 6.4 Sex Determination Using Tooth Dimensions.- 6.5 The Reconstruction of Missing Tooth Dimensions as a Prerequisite for Sex Determination.- 7 Geographical and Familial Tooth Variation.- 7.1 World Variation of Tooth Size.- 7.2 Kinship Studies in Skeletal Remains - Concepts and Examples.


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