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Juhanon Mar Thoma

Juhanon Mar Thoma - ISBN: 9786130793432
Prijs: € 49,00 (onder voorbehoud)
Beschikbaarheid: Levertijd tussen de 5 en 15 werkdagen. Geen retour recht.
Bindwijze: Boek, Paperback (24-03-2010)
Genre: Sociaal ruimtelijke wetenschappen
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High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Juhanon Mar Thoma Metropolitan was the Head of the Mar Thoma church from 1947- 1976, who gave leadership to the church and at the same time actively participated in social and political arenas. He was respected by people from all walks of life, from all religions and from all age groups. He is remembered for providing the church with the motto Lighted to Lighten. The Church must be interested where human life is interested, was his motto. The first half of the twentieth century was a period of great turmoil all over the world. Two great world wars, poverty, famine and all kinds of natural calamities made the people all over the world to suffer. In India people rallied behind Mahatma Gandhi to attain freedom from the British and other foreign dominations. Religious and cultural organizations turned its back to the needs of the society, changes in social structure was unthinkable, obedience without questioning to the kings and autocrats was the law of the land, That was the world in the first half of the twentieth century.


Titel: Juhanon Mar Thoma
Mediatype: Boek
Bindwijze: Paperback
Taal: Engels
Aantal pagina's: 172
Uitgever: Alphascript Publishing
Publicatiedatum: 2010-03-24
NUR: Sociaal ruimtelijke wetenschappen
ISBN/ISBN13: 9786130793432
Intern nummer: 14812782


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