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Sams Teach Yourself The Entity Framework In 24 Hours

Sams Teach Yourself The Entity Framework In 24 Hours - Kimmel, Paul - ISBN: 9780672330537
Prijs: € 27,95 (onder voorbehoud)
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Bindwijze: Boek, Paperback
Genre: Computerboeken (> 12 jaar)
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The ADO.NET Entity Framework is radically different from earlier versions of ADO.NET: even experienced ADO.NET programmers will have to master completely new skillsets to make the most of it. When you do, however, you will be rewarded with remarkable power and flexibility in how you use data in your applications. In just 24 step-by-step lessons of one hour or less, Sams Teach Yourself the ADO.NET Entity Framework will help you start using the ADO.NET Entity Framework to solve real-world business problems. This friendly, accessible book covers the entire framework, without ever becoming overwhelming or intimidating. You will learn how to build and query entity data models; perform advanced querying with Entity SQL and LINQ to Entities; create relationships, stored procedures, and transactions; integrate with WinForms, ASP.NET, and WCF Services; and even use native views, multiple entity sets, and IPOCO. Step-by-step instructions walk you through your most common questions, issues, and tasks... Q and As, Quizzes, and Exercises help you test your knowledge... "Did You Know?" tips offer insider advice and shortcuts... and "Watch Out!" alerts help you avoid problems.


  • ADO.NET Entity Framework offers unprecedented power in accessing data, but requires radically new skills: this book is the fastest, easiest way to master those skills
  • Covers everything from building Entity Data Models to advanced techniques such as native views and IPOCO
  • A complete tutorial package: step-by-step instructions, QandAs, quizzes, exercises, tips, shortcuts, and more
  • Details

    Titel: Sams Teach Yourself The Entity Framework In 24 Hours
    auteur: Kimmel, Paul
    Mediatype: Boek
    Bindwijze: Paperback
    Taal: Engels
    Druk: 1
    Aantal pagina's: 400
    Uitgever: Pearson Education (us)
    Plaats van publicatie: 01
    NUR: Computerboeken (> 12 jaar)
    Afmetingen: 232 x 178
    ISBN/ISBN13: 9780672330537
    Intern nummer: 11432844

    Biografie (woord)

    Paul Kimmel (Lansing, MI) is a five-time Microsoft MVP, and the author of over a dozen books on object-oriented programming and UML, including three books on Microsoft .NET. He is also a columnist for,,,, and; a co-founder of the Greater Lansing Area .NET Users Group (, East Lansing and Flint); and a full-time software developer. After 15 years of independent consulting, he now works for EDS as an application architect. His books include LINQ Unleashed for C#.


    Part 1: Creating and Querying an Entity Data Model
    Hour 1: Learning Scenarios that Warrant the Entity Framework
    Hour 2: Creating an Entity Data Model (14 Pages)
    Hour 3: Querying with Entity SQL
    Hour 4: Mapping Relationships
    Hour 5: Querying with LINQ to Entities
    Hour 6: Defining Advanced Mapping Relationships

    Part II: Advanced Querying with Entity SQL and LINQ to Entities
    Hour 7: Exploring Entity SQL Further
    Hour 8: Mapping Many to Many Relationships s
    Hour 9: Creating an Entity Data Model with EdmGen.exe
    Hour 10: Writing Advanced Queries with LINQ to Entities
    Hour 11: Updating Data with Entity SQL
    Hour 12: Updating Data with LINQ to SQL

    Part III: Exploring Relationships, Stored Procedures and Transactions
    Hour 13: Using Stored Procedures and Transactions with the Entity Framework
    Hour 14: Defining Inheritance Relationships
    Hour 15: Using Referential Integrity Constraints
    Hour 16: Tracking Entity Instances and Relationships with the ObjectStateManager

    Part IV: WinForms, ASP.NET, and WCF Services
    Hour 17: Databinding in WinForms and WPF
    Hour 18: Programming ASP.NET with the Entity Framework
    Hour 19: Spanning and Relationship Spanning
    Hour 20: Using the Entity Framework for Services

    Part V: Native Views, Multiple Entity Sets, and IPOCO
    Hour 21: Using Directory Macros
    Hour 22: Using Read-Only Native SQL Views
    Hour 23: Using Multiple Entity Sets per Type
    Hour 24: IPOCO


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