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Go! With Microsoft Word 2013 Comprehensive

Go! With Microsoft Word 2013 Comprehensive - Vargas, Alicia; Martin, Carol; Gaskin, Shelley - ISBN: 9780133417463
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Bindwijze: Boek, Spiraal
Genre: Toegepaste webdesign
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For use in the Office Applications course. This book is also suitable for students and individuals seeking an introduction to Microsoft Word 2013.

The primary goal of the GO! Series, aside from teaching computer applications, is ease of implementation, with an approach that is based on clearly defined projects.


Teaching and Learning Experience

This program will provide a better teaching and learning experience–for you and your students. Here’s how:

  • Personalize Learning: MyITLab delivers proven results in helping students succeed, provides engaging experiences that personalize learning, and comes from a trusted partner with educational expertise and a deep commitment to helping students and instructors achieve their goals.
  • Engage Students with a Project-Based Approach: GO!’s project-based approach teaches students to solve real problems as they practice and learn the features.
  • Motivate Students with Clear Instruction: Based on professor and student feedback, this text has been designed to offer clear instruction for full student comprehension.
  • Teach the Course You Want in Less Time: The GO! series’ one-of-a kind instructional system provides you with everything you need to prepare for class, teach the material, and assess your students.


Titel: Go! With Microsoft Word 2013 Comprehensive
auteur: Vargas, Alicia; Martin, Carol; Gaskin, Shelley
Mediatype: Boek
Bindwijze: Spiraal
Taal: Engels
Druk: 1
Aantal pagina's: 736
Uitgever: Pearson Education (us)
Plaats van publicatie: 01
NUR: Toegepaste webdesign
Afmetingen: 275 x 240 x 25
Gewicht: 1542 gr
ISBN/ISBN13: 9780133417463
Intern nummer: 24146454


Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Creating Documents with Microsoft Word 2013

Project 1A: Flyer

Objective 1  Create a New Document and Insert Text

Activity 1.01 Starting a New Word Document

Activity 1.02 Inserting Text from Another Document

Objective 2  Insert and Format Graphics

Activity 1.03 Formatting Text by Using Text Effects

Activity 1.04 Inserting Pictures

Activity 1.05 Resizing Pictures and Using Live Layout

Activity 1.06 Wrapping Text Around a Picture by Using Layout Options

Activity 1.07 Moving a Picture

Activity 1.08 Applying Picture Styles

Activity 1.09 Applying Artistic Effects

Activity 1.10 Adding a Page Border

Objective 3  Insert and Modify Text Boxes and Shapes

Activity 1.11 Inserting, Sizing, and Positioning a Shape

Activity 1.12 Typing Text in a Shape, Increasing Font Size, and Formatting a Shape

Activity 1.13 Inserting a Text Box

Activity 1.14 Sizing and Positioning a Text Box and Formatting a Text Box by Using Shape Styles

Objective 4  Preview and Print a Document

Activity 1.15 Adding a File Name to the Footer

Activity 1.16 Adding Document Properties and Previewing and Printing a Document

Web Apps 1A: Create a Flyer in Word Web App


Project 1B: Information Handout

Objective 5  Change Document and Paragraph Layout

Activity 1.17 Setting Margins

Activity 1.18 Aligning Text

Activity 1.19 Changing Line Spacing

Activity 1.20 Indenting Text

Activity 1.21 Adding Space Before and After Paragraphs

Objective 6  Create and Modify Lists

Activity 1.22 Creating a Bulleted List

Activity 1.23 Creating a Numbered List

Activity 1.24 Customizing Bullets

Objective 7  Set and Modify Tab Stops

Activity 1.25 Setting Tab Stops

Activity 1.26 Modifying Tab Stops

Objective 8  Insert a SmartArt Graphic and an Online Video

Activity 1.27 Inserting a SmartArt Graphic

Activity 1.28 Sizing and Formatting a SmartArt Graphic

Activity 1.29 Inserting an Online Video

Web Apps 1B: Create a Handout in the Word Web App


Chapter 2: Using Tables and Templates to Create Resumes and Cover Letters

Project 2A: Resume

Objective 1  Create a Table

Activity 2.01 Creating a Table

Activity 2.02 Adding Text to a Table

Activity 2.03 Inserting Existing Text into a Table Cell

Activity 2.04 Creating Bulleted Lists in a Table

Objective 2 Format a Table

Activity 2.05 Changing the Width of Table Columns

Activity 2.06 Adding Rows to a Table

Activity 2.07 Merging Table Cells

Activity 2.08 Formatting Text in Cells

Objective 3 Modify Table Layout

Activity 2.09 Changing Table Borders

Web Apps 2A: Edit a Resume in Word Web App


Project 2B: Cover Letter and Templates

Objective 4 Create a New Document from an Existing Document

Activity 2.10 Creating a Letterhead Template

Activity 2.11 Creating a Document from an Existing Document

Objective 5 Change and Reorganize Text

Activity 2.12 Recording AutoCorrect Entries

Activity 2.13 Creating a Cover Letter and Inserting the Current Date

Activity 2.14 Finding and Replacing Text

Activity 2.15 Selecting and Moving Text to a New Location

Activity 2.16 Inserting a Table in a Document

Activity 2.17 Applying a Table Style

Objective 6 Use the Proofing Options

Activity 2.18 Checking Spelling and Grammar Errors

Activity 2.19 Using the Thesaurus

Objective 7 Create a Fax Cover Sheet by Using a Template

Activity 2.20 Locating and Opening a Template

Activity 2.21 Replacing Template Placeholder Text

Activity 2.22 Addressing and Printing and Envelope

Web Apps 2B: Create a Cover Letter in Word Web App


Chapter 3: Creating Research Papers, Newsletters, and Merged Mailing Labels

Project 3A: Research Paper

Objective 1 Create a Research Paper

Activity 3.01 Formatting Text and Page Numbers in a Research Paper

Activity 3.02 Using PDF Reflow for a Research Paper

Activity 3.03 Inserting a Symbol

Activity 3.04 Adding the File Name and the Current Date to the Footer

Objective 2 Insert Footnotes in a Research Paper

Activity 3.05 Inserting Footnotes

Activity 3.06 Modifying a Footnote Style

Objective 3 Create Citations and a Bibliography in a Research Paper

Activity 3.07 Creating Citations for a Book

Activity 3.08 Creating Citations for a Website

Activity 3.09 Inserting Page Breaks

Activity 3.10 Creating a Reference Page

Activity 3.11 Modifying a Source by Using Source Manager

Activity 3.12 Managing Document Properties

Objective 4 Use Read Mode

Activity 3.13 Using Read Mode to Scroll Page by Page

Activity 3.14 Using Read Mode to Go to a Page

Web Apps 3A: Create a Research Paper in Word Web App


Project 3B: Newsletter with Mailing Labels

Objective 5 Format a Multiple Column Newsletter

Activity 3.15 Changing One Column of Text to Two Columns

Activity 3.16 Formatting Multiple Columns

Activity 3.17 Inserting a Column Break

Activity 3.18 Inserting and Formatting Images

Activity 3.19 Inserting a Screenshot

Activity 3.20 Scaling and Rotating an Image

Activity 3.21 Recoloring an Image

Activity 3.22 Setting Transparent Color

Activity 3.23 Adjusting Brightness and Contrast

Activity 3.24 Applying a Border to an Image

Objective 6 Use Special Character and Paragraph Formatting

Activity 3.25 Applying the Small Caps Font Effect

Activity 3.26 Adding a Border and Shading to a Paragraph

Objective 7 Create Mailing Labels Using Mail Merge

Activity 3.27 Opening the Mail Merge Wizard Template

Activity 3.28 Completing the Mail Merge Wizard

Activity 3.29 Previewing and Printing the Mail Merge Document

Web Apps 3B: Create a Newsletter in Word Web App


Chapter 4: Using Styles and Creating Multilevel Lists and Charts

Project 4A Customer Handout

Objective 1 Apply and Modify Styles

Activity 4.01 Applying Styles to Text

Activity 4.02 — Modifying Existing Style Attributes

Activity 4.03 — Changing the Document Theme

Objective 2 — Create New Styles

Activity 4.04 — Creating Custom Styles and Assigning Shortcut Keys

Objective 3 Manage Styles

Activity 4.05 — Customizing Settings for Existing Styles

Activity 4.06 — Viewing Style Formats

Activity 4.07 — Clearing Existing Formats

Activity 4.08 — Removing a Style

Objective 4 Create a Multilevel List

Activity 4.09 — Creating a Multilevel List with Bullets and Modifying List Indentation

Activity 4.10 - Modifying the Numbering and Formatting in a Multilevel List Style

Activity 4.11 —Applying the Current List Style and Changing the List Levels


Project 4B — Planning Memo with a Chart

Objective 5  Change the Style Set of a Document and Apply a Template

Activity 4.12 — Formatting a Memo

Activity 4.13 — Changing the Style Set of a Document

Activity 4.14 — Changing the Paragraph Spacing of a Document

Activity 4.15 — Attaching a Template to a Document

Objective 6  Insert a Chart and Enter Data into a Chart

Activity 4.16 — Selecting a Chart Type

Activity 4.17 — Entering Chart Data

Activity 4.18 — Editing Data

Objective 7 Change a Chart Type

Activity 4.19 — Changing the Chart Type

Activity 4.20 — Adding Chart Elements

Objective 8  Format a Chart and Save a Chart as a Template

Activity 4.21 — Changing the Chart Style and Formatting Chart Elements

Activity 4.22 — Resizing and Positioning a Chart

Activity 4.23 — Saving a Chart as a Template


Chapter 5: Using Advanced Table Features

Project 5A Product Summary

Objective 1  Create and Apply a Custom Table Style

Activity 5.01 — Using the Organizer to Manage Styles

Activity 5.02 - Creating a Table Style and Splitting a Table

Activity 5.03 — Applying and Modifying a Table Style

Objective 2  Format Cells

Activity 5.04 — Merging and Splitting Cells

Activity 5.05 — Positioning Text within Cells

Objective 3  Use Advanced Table Features

Activity 5.06 — Sorting Tables by Category

Activity 5.07 — Converting Text to a Table and Modifying Fonts within a Table

Activity 5.08 — Defining the Dimensions of a Table and Setting AutoFit Options

Activity 5.09 — Using Formulas in Tables and Creating Custom Field Formats

Activity 5.10 — Updating Formula Fields in Tables

Activity 5.11 - Adding Captions, Excluding Labels from Captions, and Setting Caption Positions

Objective 4  Modify Table Properties

Activity 5.12 — Wrapping Text around Tables and Changing Caption Formats


Project 5B — Expense Form

Objective 5 — Draw a Freeform Table

Activity 5.13 — Drawing a Freeform Table

Activity 5.14 — Adding and Removing Columns and Rows

Activity 5.15 — Inserting Text and Graphics

Activity 5.16 — Changing Text Direction

Activity 5.17 — Distributing Rows and Columns

Activity 5.18 — Formatting a Table

Objective 6 — Use Nested Tables

Activity 5.19 — Changing Cell Margins and Cell Spacing and Using the Border Painter

Activity 5.20 — Inserting a Nested Table and Setting a Table Title by Adding Alternative Text

Objective 7 — Insert an Excel Spreadsheet

Activity 5.21 — Inserting an Excel Spreadsheet

Activity 5.22 — Modifying the Dimensions of a Table


Chapter 6: Building Documents from Reusable Content and Using Markup Tools

Project 6A Newsletter with Reusable Content and Custom Theme

Objective 1 — Create Custom Building Blocks

Activity 6.01 — Inserting a Text Box and Creating a Custom Building Block

Activity 6.02 — Using the Building Blocks Organizer to View, Edit, and Move Building Blocks

Activity 6.03 — Saving a Custom Building Block as a Quick Table

Activity 6.04 — Saving a Picture and an AutoText Entry as Quick Parts

Objective 2 — Create and Save a Theme Template

Activity 6.05 —Creating Custom Theme Colors and Theme Fonts

Activity 6.06 —Creating a Custom Theme Template

Objective 3 — Create a Document by Using Building Blocks

Activity 6.07 — Formatting Text in Columns

Activity 6.08 — Inserting Quick Parts, Customizing Building Blocks, and Manually Hyphenating a Document

Activity 6.09 —Deleting Custom Building Blocks, Theme Colors, and Theme Fonts


Project 6B — Events Schedule with Tracked Changes

Objective 4 — Use Comments in a Document

Activity 6.10 — Inserting Comments

Activity 6.11 — Editing and Deleting Comments

Objective 5 — Track Changes in a Document

Activity 6.12 — Viewing All Changes in a Document

Activity 6.13 — Setting Tracking and Markup Options

Activity 6.14 — Using the Reviewing Pane

Activity 6.15 — Tracking Changes and Locking Tracking to Restrict Editing

Activity 6.16 — Accepting or Rejecting Changes in a Document

Objective 6 — View Side by Side, Compare, and Combine Documents

Activity 6.17 — Using View Side by Side

Activity 6.18 — Combining Documents and Resolving Multi Document Style Conflicts

Activity 6.19 — Restoring Default SeÀ«ngs


Chapter 7: Creating Web Content and Using Advanced Editing Options

Project 7A Company Webpage

Objective 1 — Create a Webpage from a Word Document

Activity 7.01 — Saving a Document as a Webpage and Changing Document Views

Activity 7.02 — Applying Background Color

Activity 7.03 — Inserting a Drop Cap

Activity 7.04 — Sorting Paragraphs

Activity 7.05 — Inserting a Horizontal Line

Objective 2 — Insert and Modify Hyperlinks in a Word Document

Activity 7.06 — Inserting a Hyperlink

Activity 7.07 — Inserting a Hyperlink That Opens a New Email Message

Activity 7.08 — Editing a PDF File in Word and Creating a Webpage for an Internal Link

Activity 7.09 — Testing Webpages in a Browser

Activity 7.10 — Editing and Removing Hyperlinks

Activity 7.11 — Configuring Language Options in Documents

Objective 3 — Create a Blog Post

Activity 7.12 — Creating a Blog Post from a Template

Activity 7.13 — Inserting Hyperlinks in a Blog Post


Project 7B — FAQ List

Objective 4 — Manage Document Versions

Activity 7.14 — Changing the AutoSave Frequency

Activity 7.15 — Zooming from the VIEW tab

Activity 7.16 — Managing Document Versions

Objective 5 — Collect and Paste Images and Text

Activity 7.17 — Collecting Images and Text from Multiple Documents

Activity 7.18 — Pasting Information from the Clipboard Pane

Objective 6 — Locate Supporting Information and Insert Equations

Activity 7.19 — Using the Research Pane to Locate Information

Activity 7.20 — Inserting Special Characters and Using the Thesaurus

Activity 7.21 — Translating Text from the Research Task Pane

Activity 7.22 — Inserting Equations

Objective 7 — Use Advanced Find and Replace Options

Activity 7.23 — Using Find and Replace to Change Text Formatting

Activity 7.24 — Using Wildcards to Find and Replace Text

Activity 7.25 — Checking Spelling and Grammar in a Document

Objective 8 — Save in Other File Formats

Activity 7.26 — Saving a Document in RTF Format


Chapter 8: Creating Mass Mailings

Project 8A Customer Letters

Objective 1 — Merge a Data Source and a Main Document

Activity 8.01 — Using an Excel Spreadsheet as a Data Source

Activity 8.02 — Using the MAILINGS Tab Commands to Begin Mail Merge

Activity 8.03 — Filtering Records and Creating a Character Style

Activity 8.04 — Inserting Merge Fields

Activity 8.05 — Previewing Results and Validating Merged Data

Activity 8.06 — Merging to a New Document

Objective 2 — Use Mail Merge to Create Envelopes

Activity 8.07 — Creating Envelopes


Project 8B — Cruise Postcards

Objective 3 — Edit and Sort a Data Source

Activity 8.08 — Managing a Recipient List by Editing a Data Source

Activity 8.09 — Sorting a Recipient List

Activity 8.10 Using Nested Tables and Formatting the Main Document

Objective 4 — Match Fields and Apply Rules

Activity 8.11 — Matching Fields to a Data Source

Activity 8.12 — Applying Rules to a Merge

Objective 5 — Create a Data Source and a Directory

Activity 8.13 — Creating a Data Source

Activity 8.14 — Creating the Main Document

Activity 8.15 — Merging Files to Create a Directory

Activity 8.16 — Editing a Directory

Activity 8.17 — Inserting a Watermark


Chapter 9: Creating Standardized Forms and Managing Documents

Project 9A Survey Form

Objective 1 — Create a Customized Form

Activity 9.01 — Saving the Form as a Template

Activity 9.02 — Displaying the DEVELOPER Tab

Activity 9.03 — Inserting a Plain Text Content Control

Activity 9.04 — Inserting a Date Picker Content Control

Activity 9.05 — Inserting a Drop Down List Content Control

Activity 9.06 — Inserting a Combo Box Content Control

Activity 9.07 — Inserting and Modifying a Check Box Form Field

Activity 9.08 — Converting Text to a Table

Activity 9.09 — Inserting a Check Box Content Control

Objective 2 — Modify and Lock a Form

Activity 9.10 — Editing Text in a Content Control

Activity 9.11 Modifying Content Control Properties

Activity 9.12 — Using a Password to Protect a Document

Objective 3 — Use a Template to Complete a Form

Activity 9.13 Filling in the Form

Activity 9.14 — Unlocking a Form


Project 9B — Moving Agreement

Objective 4 — Customize the Ribbon

Activity 9.15 — Creating a Custom Tab

Activity 9.16 — Adding Commands to a Tab

Objective 5 — Format Pictures and Text Boxes

Activity 9.17 — Removing the Background and Correcting Colors in a Picture

Activity 9.18 — Cropping, Rotating, and Aligning Pictures

Activity 9.19 — Stacking and Grouping Objects and Converting Text to WordArt

Objective 6 — Add a Digital Signature to a Document

Activity 9.20 — Converting a Table to Text

Activity 9.21 — Adding a Signature Line to a Document

Objective 7 — Prepare a Document for Distribution

Activity 9.22 — Inspecting a Document and Removing Document Metadata

Activity 9.23 — Marking a Document as Final

Activity 9.24 — Maintaining Backward Compatibility


Chapter 10: Working with Long Documents

Project 10A Autumn Schedule

Objective 1 — Create a Master Document and Subdocuments

Activity 10.01 — Creating a Master Document from an Existing Document

Activity 10.02 — Collapsing and Rearranging Subdocuments

Activity 10.03 — Inserting an Existing File as a Subdocument

Objective 2 — Manage a Master Document and Subdocuments

Activity 10.04 — Editing a Master Document and Subdocuments

Objective 3 — Navigate and Inspect the Master Document

Activity 10.05 — Using the Navigation Pane to View a Document

Activity 10.06 — Creating Bookmarks

Activity 10.07 — Creating Cross References

Activity 10.08 — Reviewing Word Count and Readability Statistics

Activity 10.09 — Finalizing a Master Document

Objective 4 — Create and Modify Headers and Footers

Activity 10.10 — Inserting Odd and Even Page Breaks

Activity 10.11 — Inserting a Cover Page

Activity 10.12 — Creating Documents for Use with Accessibility Tools


Project 10B — Reference Guide

Objective 5 — Create an Index

Activity 10.13 — Formatting the Document

Activity 10.14 — Marking Index Entries and Using an AutoMark File

Activity 10.15 — Inserting an Index

Activity 10.16 — Updating an Index

Objective 6 — Create a Table of Contents

Activity 10.17 — Assigning Heading Levels

Activity 10.18 —Creating and Formatting a Table of Contents

Objective 7 — Create a Table of Figures

Activity 10.19 — Creating a Table of Figures

Objective 8 — Control the Flow and Formatting of Pages and Text

Activity 10.20 — Hiding White Space and Applying Hyphenation

Activity 10.21 — Keeping Paragraphs Together on a Page

Activity 10.22 — Changing Page Settings, Splitting the Window, and Modifying Page Numbers

Activity 10.23 — Configuring Documents to Print, Printing Sections, and Setting Print Scaling


Chapter 11: Embedding and Linking Objects and Using Macros

Project 11A Survey Memo

Objective 1 — Embed Objects in a Word Document

Activity 11.01 — Using Paste Special to Embed an Excel Chart

Activity 11.02 — Using Paste Special to Embed an Access Table

Activity 11.03 — Embedding a PowerPoint File

Objective 2 — Link Objects to a Word Document

Activity 11.04 — Linking to an Excel File

Activity 11.05 — Linking to Another Word Document


Project 11B — Fair Flyer

Objective 3 — Create Macros

Activity 11.06 — Saving a Macro Enabled Document

Activity 11.07 — Changing Macro Security Settings

Activity 11.08 — Recording a Keyboard Activated Macro

Activity 11.09 — Recording a Button Activated Macro

Activity 11.10 - Creating a Macro That Runs Automatically

Objective 4 — Use Macros

Activity 11.11 — Running a Macro

Activity 11.12 — Editing a Macro in the Visual Basic Editor

Activity 11.13 — Using a Built in Word Macro

Objective 5 — Write a Procedure in VBA

Activity 11.14 — Writing a Procedure in VBA to Apply Quotation Marks

Activity 11.15 — Creating Screen Captures

Activity 11.16 — Copying a Macro from One Document to Another Document

Activity 11.17 — Restoring Default Settings


Chapter 12 Integrating Word with PowerPoint and Modifying Document Components

Project 12A Planning Presentation

Objective 1 – Integrate Word with PowerPoint

Activity 12.01 – Creating an Outline in Outline View

Activity 12.02 – Collapsing and Expanding Outline Levels

Activity 12.03 – Using a Word Outline to Create a PowerPoint

Objective 2 – Modify a PowerPoint Presentation

Activity 12.04 – Modifying a PowerPoint Presentation

Activity 12.05 – Publishing a PowerPoint Presentation in Word

Objective 3 – Create a Table of Authorities

Activity 12.06 – Creating a Table of Authorities

Activity 12.07 – Updating a Table of Authorities


Project 12B – Park Brochure

Objective 4 – Modify the Document Layout

Activity 12.08 – Changing Paper Size

Activity 12.09 – Changing Character Spacing

Activity 12.10 – Inserting Nonbreaking Hyphens and Nonbreaking Spaces

Objective 5 – Format Graphic and Text Elements

Activity 12.11 – Viewing Document Gridlines

Activity 12.12 – Linking Text Boxes

Activity 12.13 – Modifying Text Effects

Activity 12.14 – Applying Artistic Effects to Pictures

Activity 12.15 – Using a Picture as a Bullet



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