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Eclipse Plug-ins

Eclipse Plug-ins - Clayberg, Eric; Rubel, Dan - ISBN: 9780321774156
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Bindwijze: Boek, Paperback
Genre: Programmeertalen
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Eclipse is far more than the leading Java IDE: it's an open source platform for creating extensible integrated tools and rich client applications of all kinds. Using plug-ins, anyone can build tools that integrate seamlessly with the Eclipse environment and leverage its immense power. This book introduces and illuminates the entire process of plug-in development, presenting all best practices needed to achieve high-quality results. Building on three best-selling previous editions, Eclipse Plug-ins, Fourth Edition it has been fully revised to reflect Eclipse 4.0, a milestone release containing powerful new capabilities. The authors have substantially revised more than 80% of their content, revamped and retested all sample code to reflect Eclipse 4.0 API and modern Java syntax, and completely reworked their popular Favorites View case study to reflect today's most effective techniques. Writing for Eclipse developers at all levels of experience, experts Eric Clayberg, Dan Rubel, and Jaime Wren illuminate every aspect of plug-in development, and share proven solutions for today's most common challenges. Throughout, they carefully cover new functionality added to existing Eclipse features, such as views and editors, and offer insightful explanations of new and recent additions such as GEF and PDE Build. Since its original publication, this has been the definitive book for Eclipse plug-in developers. With its latest improvements, it's now even more valuable


Titel: Eclipse Plug-ins
auteur: Clayberg, Eric; Rubel, Dan
Mediatype: Boek
Bindwijze: Paperback
Taal: Engels
Druk: 4
Aantal pagina's: 992
Uitgever: Pearson Education (us)
Plaats van publicatie: 01
NUR: Programmeertalen
Afmetingen: 236 x 186 x 33
Gewicht: 1310 gr
ISBN/ISBN13: 9780321774156
Intern nummer: 18360103

Biografie (woord)

Eric Clayberg, Software Engineering Manager for Google, is primary author and architect of more than a dozen commercial Java and Smalltalk add-on products. He co-founded both ObjectShare and Instantiations. Dan Rubel, Senior Software Engineer at Google, Inc., has 15 years of Java experience and eleven years of experience with Eclipse. He has architected and managed several successful commercial products, including RCP Developer, WindowTester, jFactor, and jKit. He previously served as CTO at Instantiations. Jaime Wren has worked with object technologies for nine years, including four as Senior Software Engineer at Instantiations focusing on commercial Eclipse-based plug-ins and GEF.


1. Using Eclipse Tools
2. A Simple Plug-in Example
3. Eclipse Infrastructure
4. The Standard Widget Toolkit
5. JFace Viewers
6. Actions
8. Editors
9. Resource Change Tracking
10. Perspectives
11. Dialogs and Wizards 40511.1 Dialogs
12. Preference Pages
13. Properties
14. Builders, Markers, and Natures
15. Implementing Help
16. Internationalization
17. Creating New Extension Points
18. Features, Branding, and Updates
19. Building a Product
20. Advanced Topics
Appendix: Eclipse Plug-ins and Resources



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