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Django Unleashed

Django Unleashed - Pinkham, Andrew - ISBN: 9780321985071
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Bindwijze: Boek
Genre: Programmeertalen
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Django is an amazingly powerful system for deploying websites and managing content of all kinds. But programming Django hasn't always been easy -- until now. Django Unleashed is your step-by-step, beginner-friendly guide to leveraging Django's core capabilities and its powerful contributed library. You'll learn the most effective way possible: by building a complete Django website, hands-on. As you do, expert Django consultant and trainer Andrew Pinkham reveals how Django works, how to write Python code that leverages Django's immense capabilities, and how to apply powerful web patterns to build solutions that are robust, reliable, and secure.


You'll start simple, and learn to write Python code to solve increasingly challenging problems. Coverage includes:

  • Creating custom template filters and tags
  • Writing custom form validation
  • Diving into Django's source code to troubleshoot unexpected behavior
  • Rapidly extending site functionality with Django's contributed library
  • Automating data input into a database
  • Mastering powerful strategies to minimize the amount of code you need to write
  • Implementing user authentication with Django's library
  • Deploying your site online
  • Splitting and refactoring your code for public reuse
  • Avoiding security pitfalls such as SQL Injection, XSS, and clickjacking attacks
  • And much more


Titel: Django Unleashed
auteur: Pinkham, Andrew
Mediatype: Boek
Taal: Engels
Druk: 1
Aantal pagina's: 840
Uitgever: Pearson Education (us)
Plaats van publicatie: 01
NUR: Programmeertalen
Afmetingen: 180 x 232 x 32
Gewicht: 1098 gr
ISBN/ISBN13: 9780321985071
Intern nummer: 27817699


Part I. Django Core
1. Project Outline. Startup Blog
2. Organizing and Storing Data
3. Basic Data Display
4. Extending Our Display
5. Refactoring and Polish
6. Data Input
7. Review


Part II. Django Libraries
8. Django Source Code Overview
9. Data Input
10. Data Display
11. Refactoring
12. User Interaction
13. Remove Internationalization
14. Clickjacking
15. Feeds (RSS/Atom)
16. Sitemap
17. Deployment
18. App Encapsulation
19. Conclusion


Part III. Appendices
Appendix 1. Primer
Appendix 2. Installation
Appendix 3. Formal Syntax
Appendix 4. Cheat Sheets


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