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Rule Interchange And Applications

International Symposium, Ruleml 2009, Las Vegas, Nevada, Usa, November 5-7, 2009. Proceedings

Rule Interchange And Applications - Governatori, Guido (EDT)/ Hall, John (EDT)/ Paschke, Adrian (EDT) - ISBN: 9783642049842
Prijs: € 85,95
Levertijd: 4 tot 6 werkdagen
Bindwijze: Boek
Genre: Informatiekunde
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The 2009 International Symposium On Rule Interchange And Applications (ruleml 2009), Collocated In Las Vegas, Nevada, With The 12th International Business Rules Forum, Was The Premier Place To Meet And To Exchange Ideas From All ?elds Of Rules Technologies.


Titel: Rule Interchange And Applications
auteur: Governatori, Guido (EDT)/ Hall, John (EDT)/ Paschke, Adrian (EDT)
Mediatype: Boek
Taal: Engels
Aantal pagina's: 353
Uitgever: Springer-verlag Berlin And Heidelberg Gmbh & Co. Kg
Plaats van publicatie: 04
NUR: Informatiekunde
Afmetingen: 235 x 155
Gewicht: 569 gr
ISBN/ISBN13: 9783642049842
Intern nummer: 13362488


Keynote Speakers (Abstracts).- Bringing Order to Chaos: RIF as the New Standard for Rule Interchange.- Why Rules Matter in Complex Event Processing...and Vice Versa.- Terminology: The Semantic Foundation for an Organizations Executable Rules.- Rule Systems on the Web.- Challenges for Rule Systems on the Web.- A Modest Proposal to Enable RIF Dialects with Limited Forward Compatibility.- RIF RuleML Rosetta Ring: Round-Tripping the Dlex Subset of Datalog RuleML and RIF-Core.- WellnessRules: A Web 3.0 Case Study in RuleML-Based Prolog-N3 Profile Interoperation.- Rule-Based Event Processing and Reaction Rules.- Rule-Based Event Processing and Reaction Rules.- Correlating Business Events for Event-Triggered Rules.- Semantic Rule-Based Complex Event Processing.- General Rule Topics.- Generation of Rules from Ontologies for High-Level Scene Interpretation.- RBDT-1: A New Rule-Based Decision Tree Generation Technique.- Process Materialization Using Templates and Rules to Design Flexible Process Models.- Rule Transformation and Extraction.- to "Rule Transformation and Extraction" Track.- An SBVR Framework for RESTful Web Applications.- Towards an Improvement of Software Development Processes through Standard Business Rules.- A Rule-Based System Implementing a Method for Translating FOL Formulas into NL Sentences.- An Empirical Study of Unsupervised Rule Set Extraction of Clustered Categorical Data Using a Simulated Bee Colony Algorithm.- Transformation of Graphical ECA Policies into Executable PonderTalk Code.- Session 6.- A Rule-Based Approach to Match Structural Patterns with Business Process Models.- Usage of the Jess Engine, Rules and Ontology to Query a Relational Database.- An XML-Based Manipulation and Query Language for Rule-Based Information.- Exploration of SWRL Rule Bases through Visualization, Paraphrasing, and Categorization of Rules.- TomML: A Rule Language for Structured Data.- Geospatial-Enabled RuleML in a Study on Querying Respiratory Disease Information.- Session 7.- Rules and Norms: Requirements for Rule Interchange Languages in the Legal Domain.- A Java Implementation of Temporal Defeasible Logic.- Fill the Gap in the Legal Knowledge Modelling.- The Making of SPINdle.- Session 8.- Approaches to Uncertain or Imprecise Rules - A Survey.- Fuzzy Reasoning with a Rete-OO Rule Engine.- Towards Modelling Defeasible Reasoning with Imperfection in Production Rule Systems.


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