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On the Move to Meaningful Internet Systems: OTM 2009

Confederated International Conferences, CoopIS, DOA, IS, and ODBASE 2009, Vilamoura, Portugal, November 1-6, 2009, Proceedings, Part I

On the Move to Meaningful Internet Systems: OTM 2009 - ISBN: 9783642051470
Prijs: € 160,50
Levertijd: 4 tot 6 werkdagen
Bindwijze: Boek, Paperback (15-11-2009)
Genre: Informatiekunde
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Internet-based information systems, the second covering the large-scale in- gration of heterogeneous computing systems and data resources with the aim of providing a global computing space. Eachofthesefourconferencesencouragesresearcherstotreattheirrespective topics within a framework that incorporates jointly (a) theory, (b) conceptual design and development, and (c) applications, in particular case studies and industrial solutions. Following and expanding the model created in 2003, we again solicited and selected quality workshop proposals to complement the more "archival" nature of the main conferences with research results in a number of selected and more "avant-garde" areas related to the general topic of Web-based distributed c- puting. For instance, the so-called Semantic Web has given rise to several novel research areas combining linguistics, information systems technology, and ar- ?cial intelligence, such as the modeling of (legal) regulatory systems and the ubiquitous nature of their usage. We were glad to see that ten of our earlier s- cessful workshops (ADI, CAMS, EI2N, SWWS, ORM, OnToContent, MONET, SEMELS, COMBEK, IWSSA) re-appeared in 2008 with a second, third or even ?fth edition, sometimes by alliance with other newly emerging workshops, and that no fewer than three brand-new independent workshops could be selected from proposals and hosted: ISDE, ODIS and Beyond SAWSDL. Workshop - diences productively mingled with each other and with those of the main c- ferences, and there was considerable overlap in authors.


Titel: On the Move to Meaningful Internet Systems: OTM 2009
Mediatype: Boek
Bindwijze: Paperback
Taal: Engels
Aantal pagina's: 793
Uitgever: Springer, Berlin
Plaats van publicatie: DE
Publicatiedatum: 15-11-2009
NUR: Informatiekunde
Afmetingen: 238 x 154 x 30
ISBN/ISBN13: 9783642051470
Intern nummer: 13592880


'CoopIS 2009 Keynote.- Developing Collaborative Working Environments and What Can We Learn from Web 2.0.- DOA 2009 Keynote.- Third Party Services for Enabling Business-to-Business Interactions.- Cooperative Information Systems (CoopIS) International Conference 2009.- CoopIS 2009 - PC Co-chairs' Message.- Workflow.- Resolution of Compliance Violation in Business Process Models: A Planning-Based Approach.- A Two-Stage Probabilistic Approach to Manage Personal Worklist in Workflow Management Systems.- Flaws in the Flow: The Weakness of Unstructured Business Process Modeling Languages Dealing with Data.- Process Models.- Maintaining Compliance in Customizable Process Models.- Measuring the Compliance of Processes with Reference Models.- Ontology Challenges.- Formalized Conflicts Detection Based on the Analysis of Multiple Emails: An Approach Combining Statistics and Ontologies.- Semantic Annotations and Querying of Web Data Sources.- An Extended Petri-Net Based Approach for Supply Chain Process Enactment in Resource-Centric Web Service Environment.- Network Complexity 1.- Anonymity and Censorship Resistance in Unstructured Overlay Networks.- An Information Brokering Service Provider (IBSP) for Virtual Clusters.- Efficient Hierarchical Quorums in Unstructured Peer-to-Peer Networks.- Network Complexity 2.- Load-Aware Dynamic Replication Management in a Data Grid.- Resource Planning for Massive Number of Process Instances.- Assessment of Service Protocols Adaptability Using a Novel Path Computation Technique.- Modeling Cooperation.- Enhancing Business Process Automation by Integrating RFID Data and Events.- An Integrated Approach to Managing Business Process Risk Using Rich Organizational Models.- Revisiting the Behavior of Fault and Compensation Handlers in WS-BPEL.- Information Complexity.- Understanding User Preferences and Awareness: Privacy Mechanisms in Location-Based Services.- Information Sharing Modalities for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks.- Unveiling Hidden Unstructured Regions in Process Models.- Infrastructure.- Cafe: A Generic Configurable Customizable Composite Cloud Application Framework.- Implementing Isolation for Service-Based Applications.- An Executable Calculus for Service Choreography.- The Influence of an External Transaction on a BPEL Scope.- Cooperating SQL Dataflow Processes for In-DB Analytics.- Information.- Process Fragments.- Complex Schema Match Discovery and Validation through Collaboration.- Trust- and Location-Based Recommendations for Tourism.- Collaborative Ad-Hoc Information Sharing in Cross-Media Information Environments.- Distributed Objects and Applications (DOA) International Conference 2009.- DOA 2009 - PC Co-chairs' Message.- Aspect-Oriented Approaches for Distributed Middleware.- Aspect-Oriented Space Containers for Efficient Publish/Subscribe Scenarios in Intelligent Transportation Systems.- Distributed Algorithms and Communication Protocols.- Parallel Interconnection of Broadcast Systems with Multiple FIFO Channels.- Distributed Databases and Transactional Systems.- Revising 1-Copy Equivalence in Replicated Databases with Snapshot Isolation.- TMBean: Optimistic Concurrency in Application Servers Using Transactional Memory.- Distributed Infrastructures for Cluster and Grid Computing.- Optimizing Data Management in Grid Environments.- Object-Based, Component-Based, Resource-Oriented, Event-Oriented and Service-Oriented Middleware.- CA3M: A Runtime Model and a Middleware for Dynamic Context Management.- Engineering Distributed Shared Memory Middleware for Java.- Peer to Peer and Decentralized Infrastructures.- CLON: Overlay Networks and Gossip Protocols for Cloud Environments.- A Solution to Resource Underutilization for Web Services Hosted in the Cloud.- Performance Analysis of Distributed Computing Systems.- On the Cost of Prioritized Atomic Multicast Protocols.- Evaluating Throughput Stability of P


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