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Integrated Circuit And System Design: Power And Timing Modeling, Optimization And Simulation

19th International Workshop, Patmos 2009, Delft, The Netherlands, September 9-11, 2009, Revised Selected Papers

Integrated Circuit And System Design: Power And Timing Modeling, Optimization And Simulation - Monteiro, Jose (EDT)/ van Leuken, Rene (EDT) - ISBN: 9783642118012
Prijs: € 85,95
Levertijd: 4 tot 6 werkdagen
Bindwijze: Boek
Genre: Informatiekunde
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The Papers Are Organized In Topical Sections On Variability & Statistical Timing, Circuit Level Techniques, Power Management, Low Power Circuits & Technology, System Level Techniques, Power & Timing Optimization Techniques, Self-timed Circuits, Low Power Circuit Analysis & Optimization, And Low Power Design Studies.


Titel: Integrated Circuit And System Design: Power And Timing Modeling, Optimization And Simulation
auteur: Monteiro, Jose (EDT)/ van Leuken, Rene (EDT)
Mediatype: Boek
Taal: Engels
Aantal pagina's: 370
Uitgever: Springer-verlag Berlin And Heidelberg Gmbh & Co. Kg
NUR: Informatiekunde
Afmetingen: 235 x 155
Gewicht: 587 gr
ISBN/ISBN13: 9783642118012
Intern nummer: 14126697


Keynotes.- Robust Low Power Embedded SRAM Design: From System to Memory Cell.- Variability in Advanced Nanometer Technologies: Challenges and Solutions.- Subthreshold Circuit Design for Ultra-Low-Power Applications.- Special Session.- SystemC AMS Extensions: New Language - New Methods - New Applications.- Session 1: Variability & Statistical Timing.- Process Variation Aware Performance Analysis of Asynchronous Circuits Considering Spatial Correlation.- Interpreting SSTA Results with Correlation.- Residue Arithmetic for Variation-Tolerant Design of Multiply-Add Units.- Exponent Monte Carlo for Quick Statistical Circuit Simulation.- Poster Session 1: Circuit Level Techniques.- Clock Repeater Characterization for Jitter-Aware Clock Tree Synthesis.- A Hardware Implementation of the User-Centric Display Energy Management.- On-chip Thermal Modeling Based on SPICE Simulation.- Switching Noise Optimization in the Wake-Up Phase of Leakage-Aware Power Gating Structures.- Session 2: Power Management.- Application-Specific Temperature Reduction Systematic Methodology for 2D and 3D Networks-on-Chip.- Data-Driven Clock Gating for Digital Filters.- Power Management and Its Impact on Power Supply Noise.- Assertive Dynamic Power Management (AsDPM) Strategy for Globally Scheduled RT Multiprocessor Systems.- Session 3: Low Power Circuits & Technology.- Design Optimization of Low-Power 90nm CMOS SOC Application Using 0.5V Bulk PMOS Dynamic-Threshold with Dual Threshold (MTCMOS): BP-DTMOS-DT Technique.- Crosstalk in High-Performance Asynchronous Designs.- Modeling and Reducing EMI in GALS and Synchronous Systems.- Low-Power Dual-Edge Triggered State Retention Scan Flip-Flop.- Poster Session 2: System Level Techniques.- Multi-granularity NoC Simulation Framework for Early Phase Exploration of SDR Hardware Platforms.- Dynamic Data Type Optimization and Memory Assignment Methodologies.- Accelerating Embedded Software Power Profiling Using Run-Time Power Emulation.- Write Invalidation Analysis in Chip Multiprocessors.- Practical Design Space Exploration of an H264 Decoder for Handheld Devices Using a Virtual Platform.- BSAA: A Switching Activity Analysis and Visualisation Tool for SoC Power Optimisation.- Session 4: Power & Timing Optimization Techniques.- Reducing Timing Overhead in Simultaneously Clock-Gated and Power-Gated Designs by Placement-Aware Clustering.- Low Energy Voltage Dithering in Dual V DD Circuits.- Product On-Chip Process Compensation for Low Power and Yield Enhancement.- Session 5: Self-timed Circuits.- Low-Power Soft Error Hardened Latch.- Digital Timing Slack Monitors and Their Specific Insertion Flow for Adaptive Compensation of Variabilities.- Quasi-Delay-Insensitive Computing Device: Methodological Aspects and Practical Implementation.- The Magic Rule of Tiles: Virtual Delay Insensitivity.- Session 6: Low Power Circuit Analysis & Optimization.- Analysis of Power Consumption Using a New Methodology for the Capacitance Modeling of Complex Logic Gates.- A New Methodology for Power-Aware Transistor Sizing: Free Power Recovery (FPR).- Routing Resistance Influence in Loading Effect on Leakage Analysis.- Session 7: Low Power Design Studies.- Processor Customization for Software Implementation of the AES Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks.- An On-Chip Multi-mode Buck DC-DC Converter for Fine-Grain DVS on a Multi-power Domain SoC Using a 65-nm Standard CMOS Logic Process.- Energy Dissipation Reduction of a Cardiac Event Detector in the Sub-V t Domain By Architectural Folding.- A New Optimized High-Speed Low-Power Data-Driven Dynamic (D3L) 32-Bit Kogge-Stone Adder.


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