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Algorithms And Computation

19th International Symposium, Isaac 2008, Gold Coast, Australia, December 15-17, 2008. Proceedings

Algorithms And Computation - ISBN: 9783540921813
Prijs: € 171,95
Levertijd: 4 tot 6 werkdagen
Bindwijze: Boek
Genre: Informatiekunde
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In The Past, It Was Held In Tokyo (1990), Taipei (1991), Nagoya (1992), Hong Kong (1993), Beijing (1994), Cairns (1995), Osaka (1996), Singapore (1997), Daejeon (1998), Chennai (1999), Taipei (2000), Christchurch (2001), Vancouver (2002), Kyoto (2003), Hong Kong (2004), Hainan (2005), Kolkata (2006), And Sendai (2007).


Titel: Algorithms And Computation
Mediatype: Boek
Taal: Engels
Aantal pagina's: 948
Uitgever: Springer-verlag Berlin And Heidelberg Gmbh & Co. Kg
Plaats van publicatie: DE
NUR: Informatiekunde
Afmetingen: 235 x 155
Gewicht: 1454 gr
ISBN/ISBN13: 9783540921813
Intern nummer: 11415730


Invited Talk.- Constant-Working-Space Algorithms: How Fast Can We Solve Problems without Using Any Extra Array?.- Some Constrained Notions of Planarity.- Reachability Problems on Directed Graphs.- 1A Approximation Algorithm I.- Greedy Construction of 2-Approximation Minimum Manhattan Network.- The Complexity of Minimum Convex Coloring.- On the Complexity of Reconfiguration Problems.- Multiobjective Disk Cover Admits a PTAS.- 1B Online Algorithm.- Data Stream Algorithms via Expander Graphs.- Improving the Competitive Ratio of the Online OVSF Code Assignment Problem.- Optimal Key Tree Structure for Deleting Two or More Leaves.- Comparing First-Fit and Next-Fit for Online Edge Coloring.- 2A Data Structure and Algorithm.- Selecting Sums in Arrays.- Succinct and I/O Efficient Data Structures for Traversal in Trees.- Space-Time Tradeoffs for Longest-Common-Prefix Array Computation.- Power Domination in Using Reference Search Trees.- 2B Game Theory.- The Isolation Game: A Game of Distances.- On a Non-cooperative Model for Wavelength Assignment in Multifiber Optical Networks.- The Complexity of Rationalizing Matchings.- A Game Theoretic Approach for Efficient Graph Coloring.- 3A Graph Algorithm I.- Partitioning a Weighted Tree to Subtrees of Almost Uniform Size.- An Improved Divide-and-Conquer Algorithm for Finding All Minimum k-Way Cuts.- On the Algorithmic Effectiveness of Digraph Decompositions and Complexity Measures.- An Efficient Scaling Algorithm for the Minimum Weight Bibranching Problem.- The Balanced Edge Cover Problem.- 3B Fixed Parameter Tractability.- Firefighting on Trees: (1???1/e)-Approximation, Fixed Parameter Tractability and a Subexponential Algorithm.- A New Algorithm for Finding Trees with Many Leaves.- Faster Parameterized Algorithms for Minimum Fill-In.- Graph Layout Problems Parameterized by Vertex Cover.- A Linear Kernel for the k-Disjoint Cycle Problem on Planar Graphs.- 4A Distributed Algorithm.- How to Guard a Graph?.- Tree Decontamination with Temporary Immunity.- Reconfiguration of Cube-Style Modular Robots Using O(logn) Parallel Moves.- Squaring the Circle with Weak Mobile Robots.- 4B Database.- Evaluation of General Set Expressions.- Computing with Priced Information: When the Value Makes the Price.- Deductive Inference for the Interiors and Exteriors of Horn Theories.- Leaf Powers and Their Properties: Using the Trees.- 5A Approximation Algorithm II.- Deterministic Sparse Column Based Matrix Reconstruction via Greedy Approximation of SVD.- Minimizing Total Flow-Time: The Unrelated Case.- Approximating the Volume of Unions and Intersections of High-Dimensional Geometric Objects.- Space-Efficient Informational Redundancy.- 5B Computational Biology.- Minkowski Sum Selection and Finding.- Constructing the Simplest Possible Phylogenetic Network from Triplets.- New Results on Optimizing Rooted Triplets Consistency.- A Method to Overcome Computer Word Size Limitation in Bit-Parallel Pattern Matching.- 6A Computational Geometry I.- Inducing Polygons of Line Arrangements.- Free-Form Surface Partition in 3-D.- Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search under Translation Invariant Hausdorff Distance.- Preprocessing Imprecise Points and Splitting Triangulations.- Efficient Output-Sensitive Construction of Reeb Graphs.- 6B Complexity I.- Signature Theory in Holographic Algorithms.- The Complexity of SPP Formula Minimization.- Understanding a Non-trivial Cellular Automaton by Finding Its Simplest Underlying Communication Protocol.- Negation-Limited Inverters of Linear Size.- 3-Message NP Arguments in the BPK Model with Optimal Soundness and Zero-Knowledge.- 7A Computational Geometry II.- A Complete Approximation Algorithm for Shortest Bounded-Curvature Paths.- Detecting Commuting Patterns by Clustering Subtrajectories.- On the Stretch Factor of Convex Delaunay Graphs.- Covering a Simple Polygon by Monotone Directions.- 7B Network.- On the Stability of Web Crawling and Web Search.- Average Update Times for Fully-Dynamic Al


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