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Cybercrime And Business

Strategies For Global Corporate Security

Cybercrime And Business - Moskowitz, Sanford - ISBN: 9780128003534
Prijs: € 74,85
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Bindwijze: Boek, Gebonden
Genre: Informatica
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Cybercrime and Business: Strategies for Global Corporate Security examines the three most prevalent cybercrimes afflicting today s corporate security professionals: piracy, espionage, and computer hacking. By demonstrating how each of these threats evolved separately and then converged to form an ultra-dangerous composite threat, the book discusses the impact the threats pose and how the very technologies that created the problem can help solve it.

Cybercrime and Business then offers viable strategies for how different types of businesses from large multinationals to small start-ups can respond to these threats to both minimize their losses and gain a competitive advantage. The book concludes by identifying future technological threats and how the models presented in the book can be applied to handling them.

  • Demonstrates how to effectively handle corporate cyber security issues using case studies from a wide range of companies around the globe
  • Highlights the regulatory, economic, cultural, and demographic trends businesses encounter when facing security issues
  • Profiles corporate security issues in major industrialized, developing, and emerging countries throughout North America, Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East


Titel: Cybercrime And Business
auteur: Moskowitz, Sanford
Mediatype: Boek
Bindwijze: Gebonden
Taal: Engels
Aantal pagina's: 244
Uitgever: Elsevier - Health Sciences Division
Plaats van publicatie: 03
NUR: Informatica
Afmetingen: 197 x 240 x 20
Gewicht: 692 gr
ISBN/ISBN13: 9780128003534
Intern nummer: 32934235

Biografie (woord)

Sanford Moskowitz is Chair of the Global Business Leadership Department at St. John s University/College of St. Benedict. He is the author of The Advanced Materials Revolution: Technology and Economic Growth in the Age of Globalization (Wiley, 2009), and The Digital Revolution: An Encyclopedia of the People, Organizations, Places, and Issues Behind the Great Technological Innovations of the Information Age (ABC-CLIO/Greenwood, 2014). He serves as an Expert Witness in corporate digital security cases involving Intellectual property theft and copyright piracy.

Extra informatie

On comprehensive guide toprotecting organizations against the three most prevalent cybercrimes afflicting business today: piracy, espionage, and computer hacking


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