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Killing Season - Robinson, Geoffrey B. - ISBN: 9780691161389
Historical Dictionary Of Indonesia - Kahin, Audrey - ISBN: 9780810871953
Tropical Fishes Of The East Indies - Fallours, Samuel/ Pietsch, Theodore W. - ISBN: 9783836505192

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Bali Living - Francione, Gianni/ Kawana, Masano (PHT)/ Inglis, Kim - ISBN: 9780794605674
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Bali Living

Innovative Tropical Design

Francione, Gianni/ Kawana, Masano (PHT)/ Inglis, Kim

(Engels , Gebonden, 15-10-2008)

Levertijd: 5 tot 15 werkdagen
Prijs: € 46,95
Genre: Architectuur
From the author of the bestselling Bali Houses comes an inspirational new look at Balinese modern architecture and design.Bali Living is a unique selection of private homes, rental properties, restaurant and wedding facilities, a sports complex and villas. Traditional Balinese compound architecture... Lees verder
Beyond The Dutch - Knol, Meta (EDT)/ Raben, Remco (EDT)/ Zijlmans, Kitty (EDT) - ISBN: 9789460220593
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Beyond The Dutch

Indonesia, the Netherlands and the Arts from 1990 until Now

Knol, Meta (EDT)/ Raben, Remco (EDT)/ Zijlmans, Kitty (EDT)

(Engels , Gebonden, 31-03-2010)

Levertijd: onbekend
Prijs: € 34,85
Genre: Kunst / Schilder
'We are beyond the Dutch,' declared an Indonesian artist recently, stating that they have outgrown the influence of the Netherlands. Modern Indonesian art arose during the colonial period, but has since gradually wrested itself free.'Beyond the Dutch' gives a colourful picture of that stru... Lees verder
Javanese Antique Furniture And Folk Art - Stahl, Dean.; Carpenter, Bruce W. - ISBN: 9789814217767
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Javanese Antique Furniture And Folk Art

The David B. Smith And James Tirtoprodjo Collections

Stahl, Dean.; Carpenter, Bruce W.

(Engels , Gebonden)

Levertijd: onbekend
Prijs: € 59,85
Genre: Kunst / Meubel
A lively, illustrated text reveals the meaning and function behind the bright colours, intricate carving and striking forms of the hundreds of rare and valuable pieces in the David B. Smith collection. Quirky, enigmatic and uniquely beautiful, the art and furnishings of Central and East Java's villa... Lees verder
Indonesia - Abdullah, Taufik - ISBN: 9789812303653
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Towards Democracy

Abdullah, Taufik

(Engels )

Levertijd: 12 tot 15 werkdagen
Prijs: € 59,95
Genre: Indië & Indonesië
This book traces the beginning of the process of nation-formation, the struggle for independence, the hopeful beginning of the new nation-state of Indonesia only to be followed by hard and difficult ways to remain true to the ideals of independence. In the process Indonesia with its sprawling archip... Lees verder
Act Of Free Choice - Drooglever, Pieter - ISBN: 9781851687152
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Act Of Free Choice

Decolonisation And The Right To Self-determination In West Papua

Drooglever, Pieter

(Engels )

Levertijd: 12 tot 15 werkdagen
Prijs: € 157,50
Genre: Geschiedenis / Naoorlogse
Introduces the history and people of West Papua, tracing the origins of the international conflict surrounding their struggle for self-determination following the Second World War. This title focuses on the sham referendum of 1969, which Indonesia dubbed 'The Act of Free Choice', an election rigged ... Lees verder
The Malay Archipelago - Wallace, Alfred Russel/ Whitten, Tony (INT) - ISBN: 9780794605636
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The Malay Archipelago

Wallace, Alfred Russel/ Whitten, Tony (INT)

(Engels , Paperback, 15-09-2008)

Levertijd: 5 tot 15 werkdagen
Prijs: € 26,95
Genre: Reisverhalen
The Malay Archipelago is an extraordinarily accessible book written by noted British naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace. A century and a half after it was published, this book remains one of the great classics of natural history and travel, on par with Charles Darwin's work. Full of a wealth of detail... Lees verder
Shadow Falls - Beatty, Andrew - ISBN: 9780571235865
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Shadow Falls

In The Heart Of Java

Beatty, Andrew

(Engels )

Levertijd: 12 tot 15 werkdagen
Prijs: € 16,65
Genre: Reisverhalen
The story of one village in the largest Muslim nation in the world. Andrew Beatty lived with his family for two and a half years in a village in East Java. When he arrived, he was entranced by a strange and sensual way of life, an unusual tolerance of diversity. Mysticism, Islamic piety and an... Lees verder
Impounded - Lange, Dorothea - ISBN: 9780393330908
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Dorothea Lange And The Censored Images Of Japanese American Internment

Lange, Dorothea

(Engels )

Beschikbaar: onbekend
Prijs: € 20,45 (onder voorbehoud)
Genre: Fotoboeken
Published to wide acclaim, this indelible work of visual and social history confirms Dorothea Lange’s stature as one of the twentieth century’s greatest American photographers. With 119 images, the majority of which had never been published before, Impounded evokes the horror of a community uprooted... Lees verder
Max Havelaar - Multatuli - ISBN: 9780140445169
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Max Havelaar


(Engels )

Levertijd: 1 tot 3 werkdagen
Prijs: € 19,20
Genre: Romans
Based on the author's actual experiences, Max Havelaar is one of the most forceful indictments of colonialism ever written. Its portrayal of colonial cruelty in Indonesia is rendered in prose that ranges from colloquial informality to cadences of biblical resonance, and the sophistication of its sat... Lees verder
Bittersweet - Pearson, Stuart - ISBN: 9789971694258
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The Memoir Of A Chinese Indonesian Family In The Twentieth Century

Pearson, Stuart

(Engels )

Levertijd: 12 tot 15 werkdagen
Prijs: € 25,65
Genre: Biografieën
Behind the statistics of migration are the life stories of millions of migrants and their descendants. The movement of people out of China is one of the largest movements of humanity in modern times, and large numbers of Chinese emigrated to the colony of the Dutch East Indies, now Indonesia. While ... Lees verder
Indonesia Reader - Hellwig, Tineke (EDT)/ Tagliacozzo, Eric (EDT) - ISBN: 9780822344247
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Indonesia Reader

History, Culture, Politics

Hellwig, Tineke (EDT)/ Tagliacozzo, Eric (EDT)

(Engels )

Levertijd: 12 tot 15 werkdagen
Prijs: € 30,45
Genre: Geschiedenis / Overige
Indonesia Is The World's Largest Archipelago, Encompassing Nearly 18,000 Islands. The Fourth Most Populous Country In The World, It Has A Larger Muslim Population Than Any Other Nation. This Title Presents An Introduction To This Extraordinary Country. It Includes More Than 150 Selections: Explorers... Lees verder
Silenced Voices - Hollander, Inez - ISBN: 9780896802698
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Silenced Voices

Uncovering A Family's Colonial History In Indonesia

Hollander, Inez

(Engels )

Levertijd: 12 tot 15 werkdagen
Prijs: € 29,20
Genre: Geschiedenis / Koloniale
Like a number of Netherlanders in the post–World War II era, Inez Hollander only gradually became aware of her family’s connections with its Dutch colonial past, including a Creole great-grandmother. For the most part, such personal stories have been, if not entirely silenced, at least only whispere... Lees verder
Island Of Bali - Covarrubias, Miguel/ Vickers, Adrian - ISBN: 9780794605629
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Island Of Bali

Covarrubias, Miguel/ Vickers, Adrian

(Engels , Paperback, 15-09-2008)

Levertijd: 5 tot 15 werkdagen
Prijs: € 26,95
Genre: Indië & Indonesië
Originally published in 1937, "Island of Bai" is still considered the most authoritative text on Bali and its fascinating people. A birds-eye view of Balinese life and culture, it includes a survey of the islands' history, geography and social structure, and paints a captivating picture of Balinese ... Lees verder
The Rough Guide To Bali &amp; Lombok - Reader, Lesley/ Ridout, Lucy - ISBN: 9781858284286
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The Rough Guide To Bali & Lombok

Reader, Lesley/ Ridout, Lucy

(Engels , Paperback, 14-09-2008)

Levertijd: 5 tot 6 werkdagen
Prijs: € 22,65
Genre: Reizen
Make the most of the cultural and natural richness of Bali & Lombok with this comprehensive and up-to-date guide. The full-colour introduction gives a stunning look into many of the islands’ highlights, from the dramatic cliff top temples to the sparkling white-sand beaches. There are new features o... Lees verder
Early Mapping Of Southeast Asia - Suarez, Thomas - ISBN: 9789625934709
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Early Mapping Of Southeast Asia

The Epic Story of Seafarers, Adventurers, and Cartographers Who First Mapped the Regions Between China and India

Suarez, Thomas

(Engels , Gebonden, 15-11-1999)

Levertijd: 5 tot 15 werkdagen
Prijs: € 41,95
Genre: Atlassen
Thomas Suarez Charts The Story Of Mapmaking, Exploration And Colonisation In South East Asia From The 16th To The 19th Centuries. He Surveys South East Asia's Geography And Civilisations, Its Maps And Influence On Western World Views, And The Image Of South East Asia In The Eyes Of Its Neighbours. H... Lees verder
The Power Of Prophecy - Carey, Peter - ISBN: 9789067183031
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The Power Of Prophecy

Prince Dipanagara and the End of an Old Order in Java, 1785-1855

Carey, Peter

(Engels , Gebonden, 01-03-2008)

Levertijd: onbekend
Prijs: € 49,50
Genre: Indië & Indonesië
National hero, Javanese mystic, pious Muslim and leader of the ‘holy war’ against the Dutch between 1825 and 1830, the Yogyakarta prince, Dipanagara (1785-1855), is pre-eminent in the pantheon of modern Indonesian historical figures. Yet despite instant name recognition in Indonesia, there has never... Lees verder
Making Scenes - Baulch, Emma - ISBN: 9780822341154
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Making Scenes

Reggae, Punk, And Death Metal In 1990s Bali

Baulch, Emma

(Engels )

Levertijd: 12 tot 15 werkdagen
Prijs: € 26,65
Genre: Muziek
In 1996, Emma Baulch went to live in Bali to do research on youth culture. Her chats with young people led her to an enormously popular regular outdoor show dominated by local reggae, punk, and death metal bands. In this rich ethnography, she takes readers inside each scene: hanging out in the death... Lees verder
Fragrant Rice - De Neefe, Janet - ISBN: 9780794650285
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Fragrant Rice

De Neefe, Janet

(Engels , Paperback, 15-10-2006)

Levertijd: 5 tot 15 werkdagen
Prijs: € 21,95
Genre: Koken
When Janet De Neefe stepped off the plane in Bali in 1974, she felt an immediate connection to this island paradise. Though curious about Bali’s culture, its warm people and its mouth-watering cuisine, she didn’t expect to fall in love with a Balinese man and make a new life there. Now, years later... Lees verder
Batik: Creating An Identity - Lin, Lee Chor - ISBN: 9789814155915
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Batik: Creating An Identity

Creating an Identity

Lin, Lee Chor

(Engels , Gebonden)

Levertijd: 12 tot 15 werkdagen
Prijs: € 29,85
Genre: Kunst / Textiel
For the Javanese, batik is more than just shirts and sarung, The patterns and motifs express their various local identities; they are statements of Javanese life and philosophy. This book examines the role of batik within the social and cultural context of modern Indonesia and Singapore, and exposes... Lees verder
Balinese Gardens - Warren, William/ Tettoni, Luca Invernizzi (PHT)/ Whitten, Tony (CON)/ Jenki... - ISBN: 9780794604233
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Balinese Gardens

Warren, William/ Tettoni, Luca Invernizzi (PHT)/ Whitten, Tony (CON)/ Jenki...

(Engels , Gebonden, 15-11-2006)

Levertijd: 5 tot 15 werkdagen
Prijs: € 36,95
Genre: Flora
This guided tour of Bali’s finest traditional and contemporary gardens is perfect for gardening enthusiasts and professional landscape architects alike, and will especially appeal to visitors who have experienced the charms of one of the world’s most beautiful islands. Lees verder
Borneo, Celebes, Aru - Wallace, Alfred Russel - ISBN: 9780141025483
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Borneo, Celebes, Aru

Celebes, 1856

Wallace, Alfred Russel

(Engels , Paperback)

Levertijd: 5 tot 6 werkdagen
Prijs: € 7,55
Genre: Reisverhalen
Racked with fever, virtually broke and earning a precarious living through sending back to London the plumes of beautiful birds, Wallace (1823-1913) ultimately became one of the most heroic and admirable of all scientist-explorers. Whether living with Hill Dyaks or hunting Orang-Utans or sailing on ... Lees verder
The Lion And The Gadfly - Van Der Veur, Paul W. - ISBN: 9789067182423
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The Lion And The Gadfly

Dutch Colonialism and the Spirit of E.F.E. Douwes Dekker

Van Der Veur, Paul W.

(Engels , Gebonden, 30-08-2007)

Levertijd: onbekend
Prijs: € 45,00
Genre: Geschiedenis / Koloniale
This political biography reveals the turbulent life of Ernest François Eugène Douwes Dekker, son of a Dutch father and a German-Javanese mother, born on Java in 1879. Vignettes flow in novel-like fashion from the battle fields of South Africa and internment camp in Sri Lanka to a career in journalis... Lees verder
It's Not An All Night Fair - Toer, Pramoedya Ananta/ Watson, C. W. (TRN) - ISBN: 9780143037026
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It's Not An All Night Fair

Toer, Pramoedya Ananta/ Watson, C. W. (TRN)

(Engels , Paperback, 26-09-2006)

Levertijd: 5 tot 15 werkdagen
Prijs: € 13,95
Genre: Romans
Pramoedya Ananta Toer is Indonesia’s most celebrated writer, with over thirty works of fiction translated into over thirty languages, and the recipient of many major international awards, including the grand prize in the Fukuoka Asian Culture Prize competition, Japan’s highest literary honor. Narrat... Lees verder