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Sports Neurology

Sports Neurology - Hainline, Brian (EDT)/ Stern, Robert A. (EDT) - ISBN: 9780444639547
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Bindwijze: Boek, Gebonden (01-12-2018)
Genre: Gezondheidswetenschappen
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Sports Neurology is designed to be a comprehensive overview of neurology within the context of sports medicine. This definitive text addresses the history of sports neurology, including its unique role within sports medicine, and provides a detailed assessment of central and peripheral nervous system injuries and illnesses in athletes. Sports Neurology is a critical companion for all sports medicine clinicians and for neurologists who manage athletes.

  • Provides an introduction and overview of concussion in sport, discussing the epidemiology, biomechanics and pathophysiology of concussion, as well as considerations for sideline evaluation and emergency room diagnosis and management
  • Explores the long-term consequences of concussion and repetitive head impacts and the relationship with neurodegeneration
  • Offers an overview of mild, moderate and severe brain injury classification; compares moderate and severe traumatic brain injury within the context of civilian, military and sports circumstances
  • Provides an overview of neuroepidemiology and the importance of obtaining meaningful sport-related neuroepidemiologic data that will ultimately provide the foundation for making data-driven decisions for central and peripheral nervous system injuries in sport


Titel: Sports Neurology
auteur: Hainline, Brian (EDT)/ Stern, Robert A. (EDT)
Mediatype: Boek
Bindwijze: Gebonden
Taal: Engels
Aantal pagina's: 650
Uitgever: Elsevier Science Ltd
Publicatiedatum: 01-12-2018
NUR: Gezondheidswetenschappen
Afmetingen: 276 x 215 x 0
ISBN/ISBN13: 9780444639547
Intern nummer: 42661279

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Comprehensive review of neurological issues related to sports, the pathology, clinical investigations, and diagnosis


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