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From Basic Science To Applications

Cyanobacteria - ISBN: 9780128146675
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Bindwijze: Boek
Genre: Anatomie en fysiologie
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Cyanobacteria constitute the most widely distributed group of photosynthetic prokaryotes found in almost all realms of the earth and play an important role in Earth s nitrogen and carbon cycle. The gradual transformation from reducing atmosphere to oxidizing atmosphere was a turning point in the evolutionary history of the earth and made conditions for present life forms possible.

Cyanobacteria: From Basic Science to Applications is the first reference volume that comprehensively discusses all aspects of cyanobacteria, including the diverse mechanisms of cyanobacteria for the advancement of cyanobacterial abilities, towards higher biofuel productivity, enhanced tolerance to environmental stress and bioactive compounds and potential for biofertilizers.

  • Describes cyanobacterial diversity, stress biology, and biotechnological aspects of cyanobacteria
  • Explores the global importance of cyanobacteria
  • Provides a broad compilation of research that deals with cyanobacterial stress responses in both controlled laboratory conditions as well as in their natural environment


Titel: Cyanobacteria
Mediatype: Boek
Taal: Engels
Aantal pagina's: 541
Uitgever: Elsevier Science Publishing Co Inc
Plaats van publicatie: 03
NUR: Anatomie en fysiologie
Afmetingen: 276 x 216
Gewicht: 1430 gr
ISBN/ISBN13: 9780128146675
Intern nummer: 41968161

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Presents the latest information on and applied aspects of cyanobacteria in the microbial world


1. Cyanobacteria in diverse habitats 2. Evolution of cyanobacteria with emphasis on genome evolution associated with symbiosis 3. Cyanobacterial Taxonomy: Morphometry to Molecular Studies 4. Dormant cells (akinetes) of filamentous cyanobacteria demonstrate a great variability in morphology, physiology and ecological function 5. Chlorophyll a Fluorescence in Cyanobacteria 6. Morphogenesis in Cyanobacterium Fremyella diplosiphon to improve photosynthetic efficiency 7. Photoprotection and survival strategies in cyanobacteria 8. Recent advances in dinitrogen fixation and hydrogen metabolism by cyanobacteria 9. Influence of circadian clock on optimal regime of central C-N metabolism of cyanobacteria 10. Phycobiliproteins and their commercial significance 11. Environmental and technological stresses and their management in Cyanobacteria 12. Iron homeostasis in cyanobacteria: TonB and Fur dependent iron acquisition and its regulation 13. Metals in Cyanobacteria: Physiological and Molecular regulation 14. Ecophysiology of cyanobacteria in the polar regions 15. Pesticides and rice agriculture 16. Cyanobacteria: Applications in biotechnology 17. Cyanobacterial exopolysaccharides; Composition, biosynthesis and biotechnological applications 18. Cyanobacterial secretion systems: understanding fundamental mechanisms towards technological applications 19. Cyanobacterial siderophore: Ecological and biotechnological significance 20. Assessment of emerging pollutants in freshwater using cyanobacteria 21. Cyanobacterial bioenergy and biofuels science and technology: A scientometric overview 22. Cyanobacterial Toxins 23. Plant growth promoting abilities in cyanoobacteria 24. Importance of bioinformatics in genome mining of cyanobacteria for production of bioactive compounds


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