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Herbs and Natural Supplements, Volume 1

An Evidence-Based Guide

Herbs and Natural Supplements, Volume 1 - Cohen, Marc; Braun, Lesley - ISBN: 9780729541718
Prijs: € 26,05
Levertijd: 3 tot 4 werkdagen
Bindwijze: Boek, Paperback (03-03-2015)
Genre: Alternatieve geneeswijze algemeen (populair)
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Herbs and Natural Supplements, 4th Edition: An evidence-based guide is an authoritative, evidence-based reference. This two volume resource is essential to the safe and effective use of herbal, nutritional and food supplements.

Volume 1:

The first volume provides a foundation of knowledge in the clinical practice of complementary medicine.

It emphasises safe practice with strategies to prevent adverse drug reactions, guidelines in assessing benefit, risk and harm and the evaluation of research.

Topics covered:

  • Complementary medicine modalities; Herbal medicine, clinical nutrition, aromatherapy, and food as medicine.
  • Patient safety and wellness
  • Considerations in Preoperative care and pregnancy
  • Use in the treatment of cancer
  • Herb/nutrient - drug interactions


Titel: Herbs and Natural Supplements, Volume 1
auteur: Cohen, Marc; Braun, Lesley
Mediatype: Boek
Bindwijze: Paperback
Taal: Engels
Druk: 4
Aantal pagina's: 236
Uitgever: Elsevier Health Sciences
Plaats van publicatie: 11
Publicatiedatum: 2015-03-03
NUR: Alternatieve geneeswijze algemeen (populair)
Afmetingen: 246 x 177 x 11
Gewicht: 436 gr
ISBN/ISBN13: 9780729541718
Intern nummer: 27551657
Volume: 1

Biografie (woord)

Professor Marc Cohen is one of Australia's pioneers of integrative and holistic medicine who has made significant impacts on education, research, clinical practice and policy. He is a medical doctor and Professor of Health Sciences at RMIT University where he leads postgraduate Wellness Programs and supervises research into wellness and holistic health including research on yoga, meditation, nutrition, herbal medicine, acupuncture, lifestyle and the health impact of pesticides, organic food and detoxification. Prof Cohen sits on the Board of a number of national and international associations including the Australasian Integrative Medicine Association, the Global Spa and Wellness Summit and the Australasian Spa and Wellness Association, as well as serving on the Editorial Board of several international peer-reviewed journals. Prof Cohen has published more than 80 peer-reviewed journal articles and co-edited the text 'Understanding the Global Spa Industry', along with more than 10 other books on holistic approaches to health. He is a frequent speaker at many national and international conferences where he delivers inspiring, informative and uplifting presentations. His impact on the field has been recognised by four consecutive RMIT Media Star Awards as well as the inaugural Award for Leadership and Collaboration from the National Institute of Complementary Medicine.


1 Introduction to complementary medicine

2 Introduction to herbal medicine

3 Introduction to clinical nutrition

4 Introduction to aromatherapy

5 Introduction to food as medicine

6 Introduction to the practice of integrative medicine

7 Safety of complementary medicines

8 Interactions with herbal and natural medicines

9 Preoperative care: considerations

10 Cancer and the safety of complemenary medicines

11 Herbs and natural supplements in pregnancy

12 Introduction to wellness


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