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Myth Of The Andalusian Paradise

Muslims, Christians, And Jews Under Islamic Rule In Medieval Spain

Myth Of The Andalusian Paradise - Fernandez-Morera, Dario - ISBN: 9781610170956
Prijs: € 31,95 (onder voorbehoud)
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Bindwijze: Boek, Gebonden
Genre: Middeleeuwen (500-1500)
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"scholars, Journalists, And Even Politicians Uphold Muslim-ruled Medieval Spain--'al-andalus'--as A Multicultural Paradise, A Place Where Muslims, Christians, And Jews Lived In Harmony. There Is Only One Problem With This Widely Accepted Account: It Is A Myth. In This Groundbreaking Book, Northwestern University Scholar Dario Fernandez-morera Tells The Full Story Of Islamic Spain. The Myth Of The Andalusian Paradise Shines Light On Hidden History By Drawing On An Abundance Of Primary Sources That Scholars Have Ignored, As Well As Archaeological Evidence Only Recently Unearthed. This Supposed Beacon Of Peaceful Coexistence Began, Of Course, With The Islamic Caliphate's Conquest Of Spain. Far From A Land Of Religious Tolerance, Islamic Spain Was Marked By Religious And Therefore Cultural Repression In All Areas Of Life And The Marginalization Of Christians And Other Groups--all This In The Service Of Social Control By Autocratic Rulers And A Class Of Religious Authorities. The Myth Of The Andalusian Paradise Provides A Desperately Needed Reassessment Of Medieval Spain. As Professors, Politicians, And Pundits Continue To Celebrate Islamic Spain For Its 'multiculturalism' And 'diversity,' Fernandez-morera Sets The Historical Record Straight--showing That A Politically Useful Myth Is A Myth Nonetheless"


Titel: Myth Of The Andalusian Paradise
auteur: Fernandez-Morera, Dario
Mediatype: Boek
Bindwijze: Gebonden
Taal: Engels
Aantal pagina's: 336
Uitgever: Isi Books
Plaats van publicatie: 01
NUR: Middeleeuwen (500-1500)
Afmetingen: 238 x 161 x 38
Gewicht: 716 gr
ISBN/ISBN13: 9781610170956
Intern nummer: 25982299


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