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Companion To Chinese Archaeology

Companion To Chinese Archaeology - ISBN: 9781444335293
Prijs: € 175,45
Levertijd: 12 tot 15 werkdagen
Bindwijze: Boek, Gebonden
Genre: Archeologie
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A Companion To Chinese Archaeology Offers A Broad Overview Of The Field That Has Evolved Over The Last Few Decades Into An Exploration Of The Prehistory Of China, Hong Kong, And Taiwan.


Titel: Companion To Chinese Archaeology
Mediatype: Boek
Bindwijze: Gebonden
Taal: Engels
Aantal pagina's: 664
Uitgever: John Wiley And Sons Ltd
Plaats van publicatie: 03
NUR: Archeologie
Afmetingen: 249 x 179 x 37
Gewicht: 1146 gr
ISBN/ISBN13: 9781444335293
Intern nummer: 18156231

Biografie (woord)

Anne P. Underhill is Professor in the Department of Anthropology at Yale University, and a Curator in the Anthropology Division at the Yale Peabody Museum. She initiated one of the first Sino–American collaborative archaeology projects in China and is the author of Craft Production and Social Change in Northern China.


With no exaggeration, it can be said that both A companion to Chinese archaeologyand Ancient Central Chinaare without precedent in Chinese archaeology and that no one in the field can therefore afford to ignore them.   (Antiquity, 1 December 2013)

Summing Up: Recommended. Graduate students, faculty, professionals.   (Choice, 1 October 2013)


List of Figures xi

Notes on Contributors xvi

Notes on Translators and Other Assistants xxi

Part I Current Issues in Chinese Archaeology 1

1 Introduction: Investigating the Development and Nature of Complex Societies in Ancient China 3

2 Despoiled of the Garments of Her Civilization: Problems and Progress in Archaeological Heritage Management in China 13

Part II The Northeast 35

3 Earlier Neolithic Economic and Social Systems of the Liao River Region, Northeast China 37
Gideon SHELACH and TENG Mingyu

4 Understanding Hongshan Period Social Dynamics 55
Christian E. PETERSON and LU Xueming

5 The Lower Xiajiadian Culture of the Western Liao River Drainage System 81
WANG Lixin

Part III The Upper Yellow River and Upper Yangzi River Regions 103

6 The Qijia Culture of the Upper Yellow River Valley 105
CHEN Honghai

7 The Sichuan Basin Neolithic 125
Rowan FLAD

8 The Sanxingdui Culture of the Sichuan Basin 147

Part IV The Western Central Plain Region and Environs 169

9 The Early Neolithic in the Central Yellow River Valley, c.7000 4000 BC 171
ZHU Yanping

10 The Jiahu Site in the Huai River Area 194
ZHANG Juzhong and CUI Qilong

11 The Later Neolithic Period in the Central Yellow River Valley Area, c.4000 3000 BC 213
LI Xinwei

12 The Longshan Culture in Central Henan Province, c.2600 1900 BC 236
ZHAO Chunqing

13 The Longshan Period Site of Taosi in Southern Shanxi Province 255

14 Production of Ground Stone Tools at Taosi and Huizui: A Comparison 278
Li LIU, ZHAI Shaodong, and CHEN Xingcan

15 The Erlitou Culture 300
XU Hong

16 The Discovery and Study of the Early Shang Culture 323
YUAN Guangkuo

17 Recent Discoveries and Some Thoughts on Early Urbanization at Anyang 343
Zhichun JING, TANG Jigen, George RAPP, and James STOLTMAN

18 Archaeology of Shanxi During the Yinxu Period 367
LI Yung–ti and HWANG Ming–chorng

Part V The Eastern Central Plain Region and Environs 387

19 The Houli and Beixin Cultures 389

20 The Dawenkou Culture in the Lower Yellow River and Huai River Basin Areas 411
LUAN Fengshi

21 The Longshan Culture of Shandong 435

22 A Study of Lian Sickles and Dao Knives from the Longshan Culture Site of Liangchengzhen in Southeastern Shandong 459
Geoffrey CUNNAR

23 The Eastern Territories of the Shang and Western Zhou: Military Expansion and Cultural Assimilation 473

Part VI The Middle Yangzi River Region 495

24 The Pengtoushan Culture in the Middle Yangzi River Valley 497
PEI Anping

25 The Qujialing Shijiahe Culture in the Middle Yangzi River Valley 510

Part VII The Lower Yangzi River Region 535

26 The Kuahuqiao Site and Culture 537
JIANG Leping

27 Recent Research on the Hemudu Culture and the Tianluoshan Site 555
SUN Guoping

28 The Liangzhu Culture 574
QIN Ling

Part VIII The Southeast 597

29 The Neolithic Archaeology of Southeast China 599
Tianlong JIAO

30 First Farmers and Their Coastal Adaptation in Prehistoric Taiwan 612
LI Kuang–ti

Index 634


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