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Limits Of Logical Empiricism

Selected Papers Of Arthur Pap

Limits Of Logical Empiricism - Pap, Arthur/ Keupink, Alfons/ Shieh, Sanford - ISBN: 9781402042980
Prijs: € 164,95
Levertijd: onbekend
Bindwijze: Boek, Gebonden
Genre: Geschiedenis van de filosofie
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This Volume Collects Some Of The Most Significant Papers Of Arthur Pap. Pap's Writings In Philosophy Of Science, Modality, And Philosophy Of Mathematics Provide Insightful Alternative Perspectives On Philosophical Problems Of Current Interest.


Titel: Limits Of Logical Empiricism
auteur: Pap, Arthur/ Keupink, Alfons/ Shieh, Sanford
Mediatype: Boek
Bindwijze: Gebonden
Taal: Engels
Aantal pagina's: 394
Uitgever: Springer-verlag New York Inc.
Plaats van publicatie: 04
NUR: Geschiedenis van de filosofie
Collectie: Synthese Library Vol.334
Afmetingen: 235 x 155
Gewicht: 1700 gr
ISBN/ISBN13: 1402042981
ISBN/ISBN13: 9781402042980
Intern nummer: 3594532


Preface.- Acknowledgments.- Part I Themes in Pap s Philosophical Writings.- Introduction; S. Shieh.- 1. Overview of Pap s Philosophical Work.- 2. Necessity as Analyticity.- 3. Necessity as (Implicit) Linguistic Convention.- 4. The Analytic-Synthetic Distinction: Hypothetical or Functional Necessity.- 5. The Analytic-Synthetic Distinction: Dispositional and Open Concepts.- 6. The Limits of Hypothetical Necessity: Formal or Absolute Necessity.- 7. Logical Consequence and Material Entailment.- 8. The Method of Conceivability.- 9. Comparison with Necessity in Contemporary Analytic Metaphysics.- 10. Logicism.- 11. Concluding Remarks.- Part II Analyticity, A Priority and Necessity.- 1. On the Meaning of Necessity (1943). 2. The Different Kinds of A Priori (1944).- 3. Logic and the Synthetic A Priori (1949).- 4. Are all Necessary Propositions Analytic? (1949).- 5. Necessary Propositions and Linguistic Rules (1955).- 5.1. Are there Necessary Propositions?.- 5.2. The Confusion of Sentence and Proposition.- 5.3. Are Propositions "Logical Constructions"?.- 5.4. Necessary Truth and Semantic Systems.- 5.5. Implicit Definitions.- Part III Semantic Analysis: Truth, Propositions, and Realism.- 6. The "Semantic" and the "Absolute" Concepts of Truth (1952).- Appendix: Rejoinder to Mrs. Robbins (1953).- 7. Propositions, Sentences, and the Semantic Definition of Truth (1954).- 8. Belief and Propositions (1957).- 9. Semantic Examination of Realism (1947).- 9.1. Universals in Re and the Resemblance Theory.- 9.2. Platonism and the Existence of Universals.- Part IV Philosophy of Logic and Mathematics.- 10. Logic and the Concept of Entailment (1950).- 11. Strict Implication, Entailment, and Modal Iteration (1955).- 12. Mathematics, Abstract Entities, and Modern Semantics (1957).- 12.1. Traditional Problem of Universals.- 12.2. Modem Semantics and the Traditional Dispute.- 12.3. Classes, Attributes, and the Logical Analysis of Mathematics.- 12.4. What do the Ontological Questions Mean?.- 13. Extensionality, Attributes, and Classes (1958).- 14. A Note on Logic and Existence (1947).- 15. The Linguistic Hierarchy and the Vicious-Circle Principle (1954).- Part V Philosophy of Mind.- 16. Other Minds and the Principle of Verifiability (1951).- 16.1. Verifiability as Generator of Philosophical Theories.- 16.2. The Behaviorist s Confusion about the Notion of Verifiability.- 16.3. Are Statements about Other Minds Conclusively Verifiable?.- 16.4. Physicalism as an Analytic Thesis.- 17. Semantic Analysis and Psycho-Physical Dualism (1952).- Part VI Philosophy of Science.- 18. The Concept of Absolute Emergence (1951).- 19. Reduction Sentences and Open Concepts (1953).- Appendix.- 20. Extensional Logic and Laws of Nature (1955).- 21. Disposition Concepts and Extensional Logic (1958).- 22. Are Physical Magnitudes Operationally Definable? (1959).- 22.1. Operational Definition as Contextual Definition.- 22.2. Operational Definition in the Form of Reduction Sentences.- 22.3. Physical Magnitudes and the Language of Observables.- 22.4. Theoretical Definition and Partial Interpretation.- 22.5. The Breakdown of the Analytic-Synthetic Distinction.- Part VII Arthur Pap s Life and Writings.- 23. Intellectual Biography of Arthur Pap; A. Keupink.- 24. Arthur Pap: Biographical Notes; P. Pap.- 25. A Bibliography of Arthur Pap; A. Keupink.- 25.1. Main Publications.- 25.2. Editions.- 25.3. Translations.- 25.4. Articles, Papers and Reviews.- References.- Index.


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