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Impact Of Sufism On The Fiction Of Doris Lessing

Lessing on the Road of Sufism

Impact Of Sufism On The Fiction Of Doris Lessing - Nagi Mona - ISBN: 9783639706154
Prijs: € 89,90
Levertijd: 4 tot 6 werkdagen
Bindwijze: Boek
Genre: Onderhandelen
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This book asserts that Doris Lessing s work is a true encapsulation of Idries Shah s Western Sufism. In the selected novels, The Golden Notebook (1962), Briefing for a Descent into Hell (1971), The Memoirs of a Survivor (1974), and Re:Colonised Planet 5: Shikasta (1979) which is part of the science fiction series Canopus in Argos: Archives (1979-1983), the readers are introduced to how the former s work, the latter s Sufism as well as the whole cosmos are characterised by circularity. On the frontispiece of his book The Sufis, Shah writes (in graphics): O Allah, please guide us to the right path . In fact, it appears to me that he has declared his message to the world and Lessing accepts his invitation applying the Sufi doctrine to her novels. The book also explores the spiritual development of Lessing s protagonists so as to reach perception. By portraying individualistic, societal and world unity, Lessing successfully reiterates the necessity for cosmic unity, which is highly evoked by the Sufis. To put it briefly, Doris Lessing s fictions, especially the selected ones in this book, and Idries Shah s Sufism are unlimitedly identical.


Titel: Impact Of Sufism On The Fiction Of Doris Lessing
auteur: Nagi Mona
Mediatype: Boek
Taal: Engels
Aantal pagina's: 212
Uitgever: Scholars' Press
NUR: Onderhandelen
Afmetingen: 229 x 152 x 12
Gewicht: 318 gr
ISBN/ISBN13: 9783639706154
Intern nummer: 26071945


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