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Developing Knowledge-based Client Relationships

Leadership In Professional Services

Developing Knowledge-based Client Relationships - Dawson, Ross - ISBN: 9780750678711
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Bindwijze: Boek
Genre: Leidinggeven, coachen
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Shows organizations how to lead their key clients into lasting, profitable, high-value relationships. The author discusses firm-wide relationship management, leading relationship teams, and value-based pricing for knowledge-based client relationships.


Titel: Developing Knowledge-based Client Relationships
auteur: Dawson, Ross
Mediatype: Boek
Taal: Engels
Druk: 2
Aantal pagina's: 416
Uitgever: Taylor & Francis Ltd
Plaats van publicatie: 01
NUR: Leidinggeven, coachen
Afmetingen: 228 x 154 x 24
Gewicht: 674 gr
ISBN/ISBN13: 0750678712
ISBN/ISBN13: 9780750678711
Intern nummer: 3773460

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Developing Knowledge-Based Client Relationships, Second Edition, shows organizations how to lead their key clients into lasting, profitable, high-value relationships. Building on the powerful, tested principles of knowledge-based client relationships, Ross Dawson provides clear and extremely practical approaches for all professional and knowledge-based firms on how to create unique value for both clients and themselves.ips. This is done by presenting underlying theoretical framework, a variety of tools for structuring relationships and presenting knowledge to clients, and numerous case studies and examples of firms which have implemented these concepts successfully.


Part 1: Client Leadership§1 Leading Your Clients: Developing Knowledge-Based Relationships§2 The Future of Professional Services: Differentiation in Rapidly Changing§Industries§Part 2: Adding Value with Knowledge§3 Adding Value to Information: From Information to Knowledge§4 Adding Value to Client Decision-Making: Better Strategic, Line, and Portfolio§Decisions§5 Adding Value to Client Capabilities: Enhancing Processes and Skills§Part 3: Implementation§6 Enhancing Client Relationship Capabilities: Implementing Key Client Programs§7 Platforms to Channels: Implementing Communication Portfolios§8 Firm-Wide Relationship Management: Structuring Client Contact§9 Leading Relationship Teams: Creating Consistent Communication§10 Co-Creating Value: Building Partnerships and Developing Knowledge§11 Value-Based Pricing: Implementing New Revenue Models§12 Taking Action: Leading Your Clients in the Knowledge Economy§Appendix: The Nature of Mental Models: How People Acquire Knowledge


"Dawson has pulled off the nigh-impossible: improved on what was already a terrific book. Even more than before, this is essential reading for professional service firms."
-- David Maister, author, Managing the Professional Service Firm, The Trusted Advisor

"Dawson really cuts through with the book, highlighting the essential ingredient for establishing strong client relationships. His perspectives on how knowledge catalises relationships should be read by industry professionals and users alike. It is a penetrating, yet practical guide."
-- Martin L North, General Manager, Strategic Consulting, Fujitsu Australia

Law, accountancy and other professional firms have long recognised that acquiring, creating and developing knowledge and relationships is critical in providing value. As knowledge and relationships become the only sustainable escape from global commoditisation, Dawson uses a wide range of relevant examples to show how professional firms really work, and urges public and private sector leaders everywhere to adopt the professional firm model. Required reading.
-- Richard Chaplin, Founder & Executive Director, Managing Partners Forum

For many professional firms, there is no bigger challenge than deepening their relationships with key clients. In this arena, Ross Dawson is a master and his book, for those prepared to study and change, can provide off-the-shelf competitive advantage.
-- Professor Richard Susskind, OBE, Author of The Future of Law

"The second edition of Dawson's work is packed with even more relevant insights and models aimed at maximizing the value derived from knowledge and relationships. Professional services firms seeking sustainable growth with their clients would do well to absorb and apply its lessons."
James C. Spohrer, IBM Services Research

"Ross Dawson was the first among the world's business thought leaders to pursue the intersection of knowledge and client relationships in professional services. No matter what your business, if you want to know more about your clients or customers, you'll find this book useful."
-- Thomas H. Davenport, Professor and Director of Research, Babson College and Accenture Fellow

"Ross Dawson is the closest student I know of knowledge based client relationships. From his perch in Australia, his frequent fact finding world tours and his wide reading he keeps as close a watch as possible of the pell-mell networking developments in this field and he writes about them in a simple uncluttered way which make it easy to understand what is actually happening and who is involved."
-- Napier Collyns, Co-founder, Global Business Network

"The first time I read Developing Knowledge Based Client Relationships, it provided me with an fantastic understanding of the powerful role knowledge and technology play in client relationships. I knew it was a book that was ahead of its time. This second edition of the book brings forth a much further developed vision of knowledge based relationships that really brings into focus all of the potential and promise a knowledge enabled business world would deliver. As we venture forward into the idea and information age, this book provides a valuable guide to what we can hope to expect in the future."
-- Guy Alvarez, Founder, Business Development Institute, LLC

"This fresh new edition of Developing Knowledge-Based Client relationships is simply amazing! Not only has Ross Dawson s revolutionary view of the future been realized, but the practices and methods he laid out so beautifully in the first edition have been expanded, fine tuned, chiseled and polished into a truly masterful guide and tool set. From simple but powerful strategic frameworks to comprehensive principles of knowledge-value creation this book converts the big ideas of the knowledge economy into practical assessments, heuristics and processes for making intelligent choices about professional service offerings and strategic relationships. Insightful, practical and beautifully straightforward this should be essential reading for anyone offering professional or creative services."
-- Verna Allee, author, The Future of Knowledge: Increasing Prosperity through Value Networks


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