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Photovoltaics From Milliwatts To Gigawatts

Understanding Market And Technology Drivers Toward Terawatts

Photovoltaics From Milliwatts To Gigawatts - Bruton, Tim - ISBN: 9781119130048
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Bindwijze: Boek, Gebonden
Genre: Communicatiekunde
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Photovoltaics from Milliwatts to Gigawatts: Understanding Market and Technology Drivers toward Terawatts
Timothy Bruton, TMB Consulting, UK

An essential guide through the rapid evolution of PV technology

Photovoltaics from Milliwatts to Gigawatts: Understanding Market and Technology Drivers toward Terawatts covers the history of silicon based PV, from the earliest discoveries to present and future practice.

Divided into 9 chapters, the book includes the following topics: Early History; The 1973 Oil crisis and the drive for alternative energies; The emergence in the 1980 s of the off grid PV market, the significant small scale PV consumer market and the establishment of a manufacturing industry; Advantages of silicon for solar cells; The evolution of PV installations; The history of the incentive programme for PV; Difficulties of alternative technologies in challenging silicon dominance; Current status of the silicon manufacturing technology and The future.

Key features:

  • An authoritative first–hand account of an emerging technology from laboratory to global significance for electricity generation by an industry expert.
  • Provides a framework for policy makers on future trends in the PV industry.
  • Examines the lessons learnt from the interaction of research laboratories, major industry and government.
  • Signposts the route to future high efficiency silicon solar cells giving new researchers a background for further development.
  • Highlights the critical success factors for the emerging alternative manufacturing technologies.

An essential PV guide aimed at researchers and students in electrical engineering and physical sciences through the rapid evolution of PV technology to commercial viability and the challenges ahead for increased performance, efficiency and global deployment.


Titel: Photovoltaics From Milliwatts To Gigawatts
auteur: Bruton, Tim
Mediatype: Boek
Bindwijze: Gebonden
Taal: Engels
Aantal pagina's: 250
Uitgever: John Wiley And Sons Ltd
NUR: Communicatiekunde
Afmetingen: 244 x 170
ISBN/ISBN13: 9781119130048
Intern nummer: 34466203

Biografie (woord)

Timothy Bruton, TMB Consulting, UK
Tim Bruton graduated with a BSc in Physics and a PhD in Materials Science from Imperial College London. He has held a number of technical positions with multinational companies including Executive Director at BP Solar from 1983 to 2003 mainly in crystalline silicon but also for thin film and OPV developments. Between 2003 and 2007, Tim led the PV group at NaREC where it carried out UK and European R&D projects and small scale manufacturing of custom solar cells. Since January 2008, Tim has worked as an independent consultant. Tim has published over 100 papers in the PV field and is managing co–editor of Wiley s Progress in Photovoltaics. He is an independent expert in PV for the European Commission and a Fellow of the Institute of Physics.


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