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Ethnic Minorities and the Media

Ethnic Minorities and the Media - Cottle, Simon - ISBN: 9780335231232
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Bindwijze: Boek (01-12-2000)
Genre: Communicatiekunde
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* What are the latest developments in the production, representation and reception of media output, produced by, for or about ethnic minorities?
* What informs the questions media researchers ask and pursue when examining the mass media and ethnic minorities?
* What are the principal forces of change currently shaping the field?

There are few media issues more pressing, or potentially more consequential, than the representation of ethnic minorities. This authoritative text therefore brings together leading international researchers who have examined some of the latest processes of change (and continuity) informing the field of ethnic minorities and the media. Numerous studies of 'race', racism and the mass media have been conducted in the past. However, both the media landscape and the cultural field of ethnic minorities are fast changing, and this book addresses the recent developments which have threatened to outpace our ability to map, understand and intervene in processes of change. Presented in an accessible style, this book provides the reader with an overview of the very latest research findings and informed discussion. It opens with an introductory essay which maps recent approaches to the field, followed by substantive chapters which are structured thematically to address key processes of change such as media representations, media production, and cultures of identity.


Titel: Ethnic Minorities and the Media
auteur: Cottle, Simon
Mediatype: Boek
Taal: Engels
Uitgever: McGraw-Hill Education
Publicatiedatum: 2000-12-01
NUR: Communicatiekunde
ISBN/ISBN13: 9780335231232
Intern nummer: 15805543

Biografie (woord)

Simon Cottle is Professor of Media Communication at Bath Spa University College. His previous books include TV News, Urban Conflict and the Inner City (Leicester University Press, 1993), Television and Ethnic Minorities: Producers Perspectives (Avebury, 1997) and, with A. Hansen, R. Negrine and C. Newbold, Mass Communication Research Methods (Macmillan, 1998). His research interests include the sociology of journalism and television production, and the representation of conflicts including urban disorder, the environment, war and racism.


Series editor's foreword
Notes on contributors


Ethnic minorities and media research
mapping the field

Part one: Changing representations

New(s) racism
a discourse analytical approach
White watch
Dreaming of a white...

Part two: Changing contexts of production

The paradox of African American journalists
A rock and a hard place
making ethnic minority television
Black representation in the post network, post civil rights world of global media

Part three: Changing cultures of identity

In whose image? TV criticism and black minority viewers
Ethnicity, national culture(s) and the interpretation of television
Transnational communications and diaspora communities
Media and diasporic consciousness
an exploration amoung Iranians in London

Afterword: On the right to communicate

Media and the 'public sphere' in multi-ethnic societies


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