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Operations Management - Krajewski, Lee J./ Malhotra, Manoj K./ Ritzman, Larry P. - ISBN: 9780133872132
The Most Powerful Brand On Earth - Boudreaux, Chris/ Emerick, Susan F. - ISBN: 9780133115390
Accounting Information Systems - Kay, Donna, Ph.D./ Ovlia, Ali - ISBN: 9780132991322
Essentials Of Finance And Budgeting - Harvard Business School Press (EDT) - ISBN: 9781591395720
Sales Success: The Brian Tracy Success Library - Tracy, Brian - ISBN: 9780814449196
Behind Every Good Decision: How Anyone Can Use Business Analytics To Turn Data Into Profitable Insight - Jain, Piyanka; Sharma, Puneet - ISBN: 9780814449219
Evergreen: Cultivate The Enduring Customer Loyalty That Keeps Your Business Thriving - Fleming, Noah - ISBN: 9780814434437
Dare To Serve: How To Drive Superior Results By Serving Others - Bachelder, Cheryl A. - ISBN: 9781626562356
Practices For Engaging The 21st Century Workforce - Castellano, William G. - ISBN: 9780133086379
Targeted: How Technology Is Revolutionizing Advertising And The Way Companies Reach Consumers - Smith, Mike - ISBN: 9780814434994
Fundamental Accounting Principles - Wild, John/ Shaw, Ken/ Chiappetta, Barbara - ISBN: 9780077862275
The Microeconomics Of Product Innovation - Stoneman, Paul/ Bartoloni, Eleonora/ Baussola, Maurizio - ISBN: 9780198816676
The Microeconomics Of Product Innovation - Stoneman, Paul/ Bartoloni, Eleonora/ Baussola, Maurizio - ISBN: 9780198816683
Economics Of American Art - Tollison, Robert D. (j. Wilson Newman Professor And Bb&amp;t Senior Fellow, Clemson University); Jackson, John D. (professor Emeritus Of Economics, Auburn University); Ekelund, Robert B. (professor Of Economics Emeritus, Auburn University) - ISBN: 9780190657895
Energy Harvesting Wireless Communications - Chen, Yunfei - ISBN: 9781119383000
Variable Frequency Transformers For Large Scale Power Systems: Theory And Applications - Chen, Gesong; Zhou, Xiaoxin; Chen, Rui - ISBN: 9781119128977
Management Lessons From Taiichi Ohno: What Every Leader Can Learn From The Man Who Invented The Toyota Production System - Harada, Takehiko - ISBN: 9780071849739
Fundamentals Of Enterprise Risk Management: How Top Companies Assess Risk, Manage Exposure, And Seize Opportunity - Hampton, John J. - ISBN: 9780814449035
Cloud Adoption Playbook - Abdula, Mohamed; Brown, Kyle; Barcia, Roland; Emuchay, Ndu; Averdunk, Ingo - ISBN: 9781119491811
Autonomy - Burns, Lawrence D.; Shulgan, Christopher - ISBN: 9780008302061

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