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Principles And Applications Of Electrical Engineering - Kearns, James; Rizzoni, Giorgio - ISBN: 9780073529592
Targeted: How Technology Is Revolutionizing Advertising And The Way Companies Reach Consumers - Smith, Mike - ISBN: 9780814434994
Michael Allen's Guide To E-learning - Allen, Michael W. - ISBN: 9781119046325
Ultimate Algorithmic Trading System Toolbox + Website - Pruitt, George - ISBN: 9781119096573
Designing Platform Independent Mobile Apps And Services - Heckman, Rocky - ISBN: 9781119060147
Mastering Catastrophic Risk - Kunreuther, Howard/ Useem, Michael - ISBN: 9780190499402
Becoming The Evidenced Based Manager - Latham, Gary - ISBN: 9781473676978
Top Incomes In France In The Twentieth Century - Piketty, Thomas/ Ackerman, Seth (TRN) - ISBN: 9780674737693
The Cloud Adoption Playbook - Abdula, Moe/ Averdunk, Ingo/ Barcia, Roland/ Brown, Kyle/ Emuchay, Ndu - ISBN: 9781119491811
In The Line Of Fire - Weissman, Jerry - ISBN: 9780133157888
From Smart Grids To Smart Cities - La Scala, Massimo (EDT) - ISBN: 9781848217492
Fizz: Harness The Power Of Word Of Mouth Marketing To Drive Brand Growth - Wright, Ted - ISBN: 9780071835749
Fundamentals Of Enterprise Risk Management: How Top Companies Assess Risk, Manage Exposure, And Seize Opportunity - Hampton, John J. - ISBN: 9780814449035
Anti-piketty - Delsol, Jean-philippe (EDT)/ Lecaussin, Nicolas (EDT)/ Martin, Emmanuel (EDT) - ISBN: 9781944424251
Religion And Politics In The United States - Wald, Kenneth D.; Calhoun-brown, Allison - ISBN: 9781538105139
Money - Selgin, George - ISBN: 9781944424299
Collusion - Prins, Nomi - ISBN: 9781568585628
Committee - Marshall, Bryan William; Wolpe, Bruce C. - ISBN: 9780472073832
Iphone X For Dummies - Baig, Edward C./ Levitus, Bob - ISBN: 9781119481669
Achieving Workers' Rights In The Global Economy - Appelbaum, Richard P. (EDT)/ Lichtenstein, Nelson (EDT) - ISBN: 9781501700033

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