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Scale-size And Structural Effects Of Rock Materials

Scale-size And Structural Effects Of Rock Materials - Zhang, Sheng (professor, School Of Energy Science And Engineering, Henan Polytechnic University, China); Oh, Joung (the University Of New South Wales, Australia); Masoumi, Hossein (senior Lecturer, Department Of Civil Engineering, Monash University, Australia); Wang, Shuren (professor, School Of Civil Engineering, Henan Polytechnic University, China) - ISBN: 9780128200315
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Scale-Size and Structural Effects of Rock Materials presents the latest research on the scale-size and structural effects of rock materials, including test methods, innovative technologies, and applications in indoor testing, rock mechanics and rock engineering. Importantly, the book explains size-dependent failure criteria, including the multiaxial failure and Hoek-Brown failure criterion. Five chapters cover the size effect of rock samples, rock fracture toughness, scale effects of rock joints, microseismic monitoring and application, and structural effects of rock blocks. The book reflects on the scientific and technical challenges from extensive research in Australia and China.

The title is innovative, practical and content-rich. It will be useful to mining and geotechnical engineers researching the scale-size and structural effects of rock materials, including test methods, innovative technologies and applications in indoor testing, rock mechanics, and engineering, and to those on-site technical specialists who need a reliable and up to date reference.

  • Presents the latest theory and research on the scale, size and structure of rock materials
  • Develops new methods for evaluating the scale-size dependency and structural effects of rock and rock-like materials
  • Describes new technologies in mining engineering, tunneling engineering and slope engineering
  • Provides an account of size-dependent failure criterion, including multiaxial and Hoek-Brown
  • Gives practical and theoretical insights based on extensive experience on Australian and Chinese geotechnical projects


Biografie (woord)

Dr. Zhang has also been a visiting scholar at the University of Kentucky in the US. His work focuses on rock fracture mechanics and engineering, safety mining, and roadway support under complex and difficult conditions. He has presented numerous lectures on rock mechanics and engineering, mine pressure and strata control. He has lead and participated in National Natural Science Foundation of China projects, and over 40 projects with industry. He has published more than 60 papers, one book, and holds 30 patents.

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Presents the latest research on size and structural effects in rock mechanics and rock engineering


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